Isn’t it exciting getting your first pair of contact lenses? Well, they are best you can get hands on. However, when it comes to how to use the contact lens it a whole different story. Most people spend a few days enjoying the excellent high tech medical devices but don’t know how to use them efficiently.    

Eye contact lenses come in different variety; all aimed to provide you with the best experience so that you feel comfortable and relaxed while using them.  Keeping in mind the number of increased contact lens users.

We have prepared a few tips to help you use the lenses efficiently. Remember that your eyes are among the essential parts of your body and has to be well guarded even when using a contact lens.  

The first thing to observe before anything is to note if your prescription can is related to the contact lenses. Contact lenses can solve the case of myopia ( short-sightedness and hyperopia ( longsightedness).

They can also be used to solve cases of eye defections like astigmatism and presbyopia.  However, they cannot be used to solve cases of misalignment known to us as associated heterophoria.   

Today, TTDEYE is going to share 10 tips to use eye contact lens safely:

1.Using the right type of contact lens  

As mentioned earlier on, there are mainly two types of contact lenses you can use. The soft contact lenses and hard contact lenses.      

The soft contact lenses are grouped depending on how long they can be used ( modality). You can either have the dailies which are worn for a day, two weeks lenses, monthlies or even go for the month’s lenses which can be worn for 30 days without removal.    

The hard contact lenses are also divided into two main types namely: the standard hard contact lenses ( can be used for one to two years. But have to be removed overnight )and the    Orthokeratology contact lens( worn when one is asleep).    

With the aid of a professional, you can find fitting contact lenses. Your optician will provide you with tips on how to insert and remove your lenses and also clean them. A routine check is also recommended. 

2. Relax    

It’s normal to feel anxious when switching to contacts. But you always have questions in mind like, what if they scratch ? or what if the contacts are stuck in your eye?     The best way to get through all this is by relaxing. Allow yourself to feel free. Make it a part of your routine, like when you wake up after washing up and put them on. 

3. Learning how to put them on   

In most cases, people don’t take an interest in this section. That’s why most of them end up damaging their contact lenses.       The first step is washing your hands. Then place the contact on your fingertip, ensure the contact is well placed ( it should appear like a cup ).     Using the other hand, pull your upper eyelid upwards while the bottom downwards to keep you from blinking. Move the lens towards your eye looking upwards, so you are not looking directly at the contact.     Finish up by placing the lens in your eye and let the eyelids close to allow the contacts to settle. The same goes to the other eye.    

4. Clean your lenses at all times   

As a contact lens owner, it is mandatory that you keep your lens clean at all times. One way to prevent bacteria and other contaminants from entering the eyes.   There are two ways to clean your contact lenses.   Using the contact solution: A solution made for disinfecting and hydrating contact lenses. You should store your lenses in the contact solution when you are not using them.     Using the saline solution: Which is a saltwater solution meant to rinse off accumulation before inserting the contacts but does not have and disinfecting capabilities. One should never store contact lenses in this solution.  

5. Keeping contacts hydrated   

To enjoy using your contact lens ensure that they are moist at all events.     When there is no hydration contacts often get scratches or even irritate an individual’s eyes.   Contacts often dry out even when diligent on them so always have solutions, and eye drops ready.    

6. How long to wear contact lenses   

Contact lenses are not meant to be worn 24/7.  It recommended that you should give your eyes a break. Experts also add that one should not wear contact lenses for more than eight hours.  Much has been said on, but no special rule prevents you from wearing contact lenses for as long as you want.      

7. Self checks your contacts

The best way to avoid risks is by checking your lenses yourself.       While waring, you can note several things like:     How do the contacts feel ? if you are experiencing anything usual then there is something wrong with the lenses.     How do my eyes appear? You can check this via your mirror if you have set them correctly or any change in the color of your eyes. Red means there is something wrong.     Is my vision right? Contacts are meant to help you see better, anything less than this means there is something wrong with the contact lenses.  

8. Keenly follow the wearing and replacement schedules   

Your prescriptions are the best way you can make sure you are making the best out of your contact lenses. If the doctor has recommended waring for a specified period.Observe it keenly.       Replace the lenses on time to avoid damaging your eyes of putting them in great danger.  

9. Using colored contacts for special occasions.  

Colored contacts are the best to attract attention andquot; one way to get the crowd hooked at your incredibly piercing green eyes. The best part is that this type of lenses works with or without a prescription.       However, the same care and caution are recommended to ensure the health of your eyes.    

10. Follow your doctor’s recommendation 

Always ensure that you check with your doctor first before waring or changing the type of contact lenses prescribed. Don’t make assumptions.  TTDEYE offers a wide variety of contact lenses. Make every moment count by acquiring the best contact lenses.


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