PC gaming is a lifestyle and many people associates it with Steam. If you know how to manage Steam using some hidden features you can get PC gaming experience-tricks that only a few people will ever reach.

Create an optimized Steam library

  1. Bring non-Steam games in to the library

Adding non-Steam games to the library will unlock the overlay feature, the game’s chat and the full screenshot. Also your friends will see you when playing the game.

  1. Make your own storage folder

Using Steam Settings in the download area you can choose “Steam Library Folders” button and create your personalized installation folder.

  1. Install or uninstall games in bulk

Migrate from one PC to another or just clear out some space just by opening the library in “List View” or “Detail”, selecting the games then use the “Install” option.  Take the same steps for uninstalling but instead of “Install” choose “Delete Local Data “.

  1. Have the games sorted by size

You can sort the Steam games by size and delete the biggest space users.  Enable “List View” then click + icon under the “view” option then just click “Size on Disk” at the bottom of the list.

  1. Sort your Steam library by Category

If you want to have a list sorted by category you just need to select those games that you want, right click on one of them and then just choose “Set Categories” then set a category name.

  1. Have a Back up for your games.

Just open your library, right click on any installed game and go to “Backup Game Files”. Choose the games you want to back up. Use the backup folder and run the steambackup.exe for restoring.

Security and sharing

  1. Have your account secured with Steam Guard

Follow the steps: Settings > Account > Manage Steam Guard Account Security and set Steam Guard up in order to protect your investment and keep away hackers.

  1. Share with your family

Enable Steam Guard for all accounts, log in to the same Steam account on the other computer, Steam > Settings > Family and then check the little box next to “Authorize Library Sharing on this computer.” The authorized account will be able to play and download your library only if you are not playing.

  1. Update graphic cards

Open the account and go to “Steam” > “Check for Video Driver Updates”. Steam will install new updates if they are available.

  1. See the in-game FPS

If you are monitoring your frame rate, you might want to take the next steps and go pro: Steam > Settings > Interface then look for the In-game FPS counter option.

  1. Streaming your in-home Steam

Using your home network you can boost your gaming experience even on crappy PC’s using the gaming rig and streaming in the secondary PC.  All it takes is to connect your laptop and gaming PC to the same internet network.

Advanced Options

  1. Use advanced server option

Use your favorite server from “View”>”Server”. This feature will allow you to use the server you find to be the most suitable for your needs. Using a dedicated gaming server ensures an experience with low latency and no lag. If you want to learn more about gaming servers, sites like Hypernia can help you out. 

  1. You want to broadcast? No problem.

Set up Broadcasting Steam Settings allows others to watch and hear you while gaming. It will only broadcast only when somebody is watching, so no resources are wasted.

  1. Choose the opening page

If you want to change the opening page you just need to access the “Interface” and search for the “Favorite window”.

  1. Optimizing downloads

Go to “Setting>Downloads” and select whatever preferences you have in order to make your life easier.

  1. Getting a better look for Steam

Download skins from where you can find them on the internet and then just add them to C: > Program files or Program files(x86) > Steam > Skins. It will make your Steam look cool.

  1. Power up you Steam

Enhanced Steam browser. The extension will tell all about game prices and even lets you know if you have a coupon available for a particular game.

  1. Steam games can be refunded

If you played the game less than 2 hours and bought it not more than 14 days before you can use “Help > Steam support“, type your discontent and you will get your money back.

Your account is monitored and statistics about your profile can be found in Steam DB’s account calculator tool. Might be useful or depressing, just check it out.

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