Tips & Tricks to Prepare for Your LSAT Exam

Prepare for LSAT Exam
Prepare for LSAT Exam

If you are pursuing a career in law, you’ll have to get by the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). The LSAT is seen as one of the most important exams in your entire law career as it will decide whether or not you can get into a prestigious school. The LSAT is split up into five sections that are based on very narrow focuses: writing, reading comprehension, logical reasoning (x2), and analytical reasoning. The maximum score that you can attain on this test is 180, though a 170 puts you in the top 2%. In order to help you reach your goal of a top score, we’ve put together a handful of tips.

Sign Up for Online LSAT Prep

igning up for an online preparatory course is one the best way for prepared for LAST exam. An online prep course will help you to get into the groove of actually taking the test. It’s itself immensely important. The LSAT is as much a puzzle as it is an examination and an LSAT prep test will allow you to test the puzzle out on your own. An online course will allow you to walk through the entire test with live feedback and professional instructors guiding you along.

Learn to Take Notes

As you work through the Reading Comprehension section of your LSAT, you need to actively participate in the text. You can make sure that you are embracing the text by actively taking notes. Circle key phrases that are important such as ‘In Sum’ or ‘Nonetheless’. Make a careful notation of whenever the argument shifts and always be prepared to reference prior notes.

Prepare Ahead of Time

If you want to get into a prominent law school, you are going to have to put in real effort. You are not going to be able to wait until the last minute in order to cram for your examination. You’ll need to stretch out your prep for at least eight weeks in order to get a solid foundation of information and understanding for your first shot at the test. There are a plethora of LSAT monthly planning packets available on the internet that can help you to schedule how to approach your preparation.

Get an Accountability Partner

Teamwork never hurts and having someone to hold you accountable can keep you focused. While you are going to be alone taking the LSAT on test day, you can have a partner help build a foundation of education before you get there. There is real value in bouncing back your logic and reasoning with a partner. In doing so, you’ll be able to hear how your efforts sound which will give you clarity when you hone in on your perfect answers.

Preparing for the LSAT is an incredibly rigorous task. In fact, preparation is likely going to be as difficult as the exam itself. Use our tips along with your own efforts in order to get prepared. Remember, your LSAT is immensely important but that does not mean that you should let the pressure get to you. By preparing ahead of time, you can put yourself into the right headspace as your approach your exams.

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