After their last meeting in Miami, Tom Cruise is interested in dating Shakira

Tom Cruise is interested in dating Shakira

A few days after the publication of pictures of the international star Shakira with Tom Cruise , the newspaper revealed Page Six ” It seems like the famous actor may have a romantic interest in Shakira.”

Informed sources told the newspaper that Cruz is very interested in dating Shakira, and there is harmony between them.

He pointed out that Shakira needs someone to rely on, and Tom Cruise is a good-looking and talented man, and added jokingly: “She’s not taller than him!”

The pioneers of the communication sites shared many clips of the duo in the Formula 1 race, where Shakira appeared to exchange conversations with Cruz until her eldest son, Milan, interrupted her. 

 According to the newspaper, Cruz was very impressed with the beautiful singer, which prompted him to send flowers to her house after their meeting .

Some confirmed on the communication sites that Shakira and Tom Cruise met by chance, and that they are friends, while others indicated that the signs of joy and happiness on her face suggest that a project of engagement may happen soon. 

And Shakira had sent a harsh and indirect message to her former lover, Gerard Pique, at the “Billboard Latin Women ” ceremony, and while receiving the “Woman of the Year” award, when she said: “It does not matter if someone in your life is loyal or not, the most important thing is that we save ourselves.” Before anything,” referring to Pique’s betrayal .

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