“This role broke me.” Tom Holland announces his retirement from acting for a year, in order to preserve his sanity

In contrast to fame and wealth, the acting profession often negatively affects the psychological, mental and physical health of celebrities, which every star deals with in his own way.

The last person to fall into this heavy trap was actor Tom Holland, who decided to take a year off from acting, hoping that he would succeed in regaining his psychological stability again.

The role that broke its owner

“This role broke me.” With this phrase, actor Tom Holland described his role in his latest series, “The Crowded Room”, and admitted – in an interview with “extratv” – that he spent difficult times during filming because of the nature of the role, As he embodies the character of Danny Sullivan, who is accused of committing a horrific crime in the summer of 1979, before he was arrested, and then a series of investigations and interviews begins amid investigators’ attempts to decipher the mystery of the painful accident.

Not only did Holland star in the series, but he also took on the role of executive producer, adding more responsibilities and challenges to his daily routine. This increased pressure on him, but also expanded his understanding of emotions and details he had not encountered before.

Given the numerous challenges and the emotional burden, the person took a short break. However, their week-long trips to Mexico and Holland, where they tried to reconnect with loved ones and appreciate nature, proved insufficient to fully rejuvenate them and return to work with confidence.

As a result, Holland decided to take a year-long break to focus on recovering from his mental health struggles and be ready for work again. He received support from his loved ones, psychiatrist, and support groups, who had previously encouraged him to stop drinking and prioritize his mental well-being.

Prior accusations haunt the series

The Crowded Room is a 10-episode short drama written by Akiva Goldsman, starring Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, Sasha Lane, Will Chase, and Lila Robbins.

This series is based on the 1981 Daniel Keyes novel The Minds of Billy Milligan.

And the work show begins tomorrow, Friday, via the “Apple Plus” platform (+ Apple), amid Holland’s wishes that the series in general and his role in particular will be appreciated by critics and the public, but the actor said that critics have already made several accusations in advance of the series, noting that the production does not live up to the standard. expectations, which hurt him.

The fourth season of the “Spider-Man” series has been discontinued.

Despite the many and important roles that Holland has played so far, his most famous and important role in his career remains his portrayal of “Spider-Man” in the superhero series of the same name.

And with all the success achieved by the third part of the series, which bore the name “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, its revenues amounted to nearly two billion dollars, making it the highest-grossing movie in 2021; The audience is waiting for any news regarding the start of preparations for the fourth part.

And when Holland asked about this during an interview he had with Variety magazine, he confirmed his attendance at a number of meetings in this regard, but the project soon stalled and stopped due to solidarity with writers and the American Writers Guild strike that began last May, due to the demand for higher wages. In addition to a share of the profits, and most importantly: the prohibition of resorting to artificial intelligence in everything related to the field of writing.


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