The last thing any homeowner or individual wants is to have their home burgled or broken into by burglars. Keeping the house secured and safe is vital for your safety and the safety of everyone that lives in the home with you. Implementing some tips and considering some precautions will keep your home free of burglars and petty thieves.

There is a rise in home crimes in different parts of the world. The most frequent kinds of home crimes are break-ins and burglaries for stealing valuables. However, it is important to note that some home crimes turn violent, resulting in physical harm to the family members. If you want to know how to prevent robbery at home, please follow the below-mentioned ways you can adopt.

The tips below can help secure your home and keep you, your assets, and your family protected.

1. Don’t make others feel you are outside the home

feel you are outside the home

Burglars operate smoothly in homes where the owner and family members are absent and away from home. This owes to the fact that it is easier for burglars to gain access to an empty house, and that is why some burglars make homes with absent occupants who are gone on holiday their targets.

If you are away from your home for a specific period, ask a trusted neighbor or friend to check periodically on your house to help pick up any post that may be left in front of your door. Depending on what is convenient for you, you may also decide to cancel newspaper and milk deliveries, so they do not accumulate at your doorstep.

Another thing to avoid doing is posting your planned trip, events, or holidays on social media. This makes people aware that you will be away from your home for a certain period and put your home at the risk of being burgled.

2. Use smart lighting (for the night)

Use smart lighting

Burglars, vandals, petty thieves, and other criminals hate being in the spotlight. They operate in the dark to be as cautious as possible. Using smart lighting that detects motion can warn you or people in your neighborhood of unknown movements around your home. The warning can also put the burglar off as his cautious cover has been blown off.

You can also spend money on automated lightings. These are low energy and will come up at specified time intervals to make your home look like its occupants are around anytime you are away from home.

3. Keep checking your security frequently

Keep checking your security

Check all installed security measures regularly to make sure they are in the best conditions and work as they should. Conduct an annual check to guarantee that all security measures like carbon detectors and smoke alarms are updated. Hire a professional for an in-depth assessment.

Apart from installing security measures, enhance the overall security with home insurance. Content insurance, building insurance, or both will be of benefit to you and your home, depending on your circumstance.

4. Store valuable assets in safe places (inaccessible to others)

Store valuable assets

Protect your valuables in secure areas if someone does break through your security system. Valuable items like jewelry, expensive tablets, and gadgets, important documents should be kept out of sight as they are targets for thieves and burglars.

Have a safe installed in your home to serve as secure storage for your valuables. Make sure the safe is waterproof, fire-resistant, and has enough weight that prevents a thief from simply walking away with it.

5. Keep updating safety locks

Keep updating safety locks

Burglars are conversant with some lock types and have created techniques to defeat them. As a result, it is essential to have locks fit by professionals that are modern and up to date. Approved safety locks will keep your home secured and make it difficult for burglars to gain access to your house.

If you are not sure about the best choice for you, seek the opinion of an expert locksmith who can help install locks that will meet your security needs.

6. Install bulletproof glass windows

Install bulletproof glass windows

Burglars and thieves use windows as their forced entry points. Bulletproof glass windows will offer protection for the home against burglars and planned robberies. The bullet-resistant glass prevents burglars and robbers from gaining easy access to your home as well as protection from bullets from handguns up to a magnum .44 gun depending on the protection level of installed bulletproof glass.

Another low-cost option would be to install a window security film for your glass windows. It offers protection against intruders and burglars. It makes it difficult for them to break through and prevents them from gaining access to your home and valuables.

7. Add Security Cameras to your home

Security Cameras to your home

Security cameras are security options that help to prevent robberies and burglars from gaining access to the house and, at the same time, can help get justice should robbers succeed in robbing a particular home.

You can install security cameras that work independently or work as part of home security set up. Go for cameras that are accompanied by a mobile app. This allows you to monitor what happens in the home in real-time. Footage can also be used as evidence when reporting to the police.

8. Use home automation

use home automation

Home safety and security should be at the forefront of your choice to convert your home into a smart one. Automating your home provides you with a scheduled or remote command of your door locks, smoke alarms, lights, security cameras, and other installed security measures.

A smart home also gives you access to real-time alerts on any dubious activity. This allows you to thwart potential threats and take immediate action.

You can also make your home secure by scheduling lights in the house to go on and off at specified times anytime you are away from home. You can also get instant video feed anytime someone is in your driveway, remove false alarms, and check on smoke alarms from your smartphones, amongst others.

9. Do away with hidden areas

Do away with hidden areas

Prune tall plants and trees around the house that may serve as hiding places for burglars and petty thieves. Tall flowers and plants may improve the curb appeal of your home, but they could also be significant threats to your safety.

Instead, use small bushes and flowers. If trees are present near your windows, you may want to get rid of them or add more reinforcements to the windows for added security. Also, always store ladders and stools safely, keep your gates and other outdoor buildings locked and add security stickers to your home.

10. Install a High-Security level lock on the main door

High-Security level lock on the main door

About 34% of burglars stroll into target homes via the front doors. Don’t make your home easy prey by leaving your doors vulnerable to burglars. Examine all external doors to be sure the door frames are sturdy. Ensure mail slots cannot be reached from outside to unlock the door if your door has one and that the door hinges are well protected.

Change the lock on the main door to one with a high-security lock. TO be sure about your selection, seek the opinion of an expert locksmith to help choose one that will protect your home from burglars.

If you are moving into a new home, remove current locks and replace them with new ones. This prevents the possibility of strangers having copies of your home keys.

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