Thinking of perfume, J’adore Eau de perfume is the great women’s floral fragrance by Dior. The bottle is surrounded by precious gold wires with extraordinary bottleneck design. The luxury bottle of Dior is like a jewel and transparent teardrop-shaped glass stopper, adorned with this master’s fragrance bottle create its ultimate Elegant style. Experience tells us that outstanding cosmetic packaging plays an important role in winning consumers’ hearts and successfully stimulate the creation of brand awareness.

Cosmetic PackagingPackaging is no longer only protection from sun and dust, it contributes a lot to marketability and promotion. Especially for cosmetic packaging, whose consumers are mainly emotional females, a vivid packaging for cosmetics can catch eyes at once and stimulate an instant desire for purchases. Last 3 months, the Beauty product group on Amazon generated $950M in estimated sales in the US, an increase of over 26% compared to the same period in 2017. And in the UK, Beauty generated £45M in sales, a 47% increase. Then how can we win in the fierce competition to promote cosmetic sales? The shortcut is packaging. Here are the following three most classic cosmetic packaging available for reference.

1. Cosmetic bottles

For beautiful fragrance perfume bottles, glass is always preferred. “Glass is a marvelous material”, said Rene Lalique in 1925. Many designers agree that compared to other materials, glass has a special look and feel that cannot be replaced. Glass bottles make perfume products more elegant and luxurious with crystal look.

Perfume may contain alcohol, so almost all fragrances are in glass. But one of its disadvantages is that glass is heavy and fragile. Recently Global Closure Systems(GCS) introduces glass-like plastic bottles, which can keep the products safe and at the same time keep the elegance of glass and brand recognition. According to the 2009 Consumer Reports, the new generation is paying more attention to the environment, 16% of 1,000 teenagers were bothered most by environmental concerns. Consumers hate waste, they are willing to try alternatives to avoid it.

The majority of them were willing to use eco-friendly products packaging. Head&Shoulders, the world’s No.1 shampoo brand will produce the first recyclable shampoo bottles made from up to 25% recycled beach plastic. As a leading brand, H&S is the first supply chain to recycle beach plastic to deal with large quantity plastic in the ecosystem. This may inspire sustainable innovation and encourage the whole industry to follow. At the same time, some new materials to be used such as bamboo is getting more popular.

Cosmetic bottles2. Cosmetic tubes

According to a report from Markets and Markets, the value of the tube packaging market is expected to grow from $6.65 billion in 2016 to an estimated $9.3 billion by 2021 (+6.9% CAGR). With great convenience, portability and flexibility,a cosmetic tube is one of the most popular packaging in the beauty and health industry. Demand for tubes will increase rapidly in the next five years due to requirements on innovative packaging are increasing. One of the trends that influence the increase is increasing demand for antibacterial tubes that can prolong product storage life. That is to say, due to its ability to ensure product quality, cosmetic tubes demand will tremendously increase.

Moreover, several innovations of cosmetic tubes offer new chances. Recently metal cosmetic tube is a new trend. This kind of tubes combines the flexibility of plastic and shiny metal. Together with intricate designs, it’s possible to offer high quality customized cosmetic products to help them stand out from the competition. With youngsters’ attention to the environment, eco-friendly tubes are getting more and more popular. On the basis of 100% recyclable pp tubes, Viva IML Tubes from Canada continues its innovation and successfully reduced 35% energy consumption.

On the other hand, airless pump tube has an outstanding advantage in protecting products from exposure and offer accurate dosage. For example, 19-38mm airless pump tubes from Auber Packaging use the avant-garde technology. With great printing like hot stamping and CMYK printing, Auber, a professional tubes manufacturer, has more than fourteen years experience in laminated tubes, lip gloss tubes etc. You can rest assured that cosmetic packaging solutions from it will fulfill expectation along with customization which can make your cosmetics outshine and unique.

Cosmetic containers3. Cosmetic containers

Except for convenience and efficiency, consumers are looking for products that can offer solutions.“Consumer concern with skin, always high, has now been boosted immeasurably by product innovation.”according to Jacqueline Clarke, analyst, Diagonal Reports. This trend in skincare has boost several types of packaging, such as for serums and oils which require dropper bottles. Among the beauty industry in Asia and Africa, oil has been popular, Clarke explains that use of oils in Western skincare will increase, for example in spa and massage therapies. Therefore, more and more skincare brands are planning to sell oils and serums, a large number of dropper bottles will be needed. Lately auto-loading dropper was launched with L’Oréal. Consumers lean towards customizing mixture of different functions. Because of their requirements on compact and intricate skincare products, continuous development in packaging should be ensured.

Top 3 of classic cosmetic packaging have their own advantages, among them requests on cosmetic tubes as its convenience and barrier protection qualities will obviously be larger. Auber Packaging can offer us all above.


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