As the skin care industry continues to grow and develop, trends emerging from the third quarter of 2021 have begun to take off and solidify themselves in upcoming skincare products and lines. To prepare you for the types of skin care products and treatments coming out in the next year, here are our top three skin care trends we recommend keeping a lookout for in 2022.

Mugwort domination

An ingredient which has been making headlines around the world as a viable and effective skin revitaliser is mugwort. Originating from Korean skin care, mugwort is a healing herb known for its antibacterial, antifungal and protective properties. Incorporated in both food and skin care, mugwort has gradually made its way as a key ingredient in Korean skin care recipes to an exotic global ‘must’ in skin care.

When used in skincare, mugwort helps to soothe and treat sensitive skin such as acne-prone skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory effects and high levels of vitamin E, mugwort is most frequently used in skin care products designed for dry and easily-irritated skin. Expert dermatologists have even found that mugwort can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. With its abundance of beneficial skin effects, mugwort is sure to dominate the skin care industry as a key ingredient in anti-inflammatory and calming skin care products.

Skincare made for the home

Despite the world moving towards the ‘new normal’ after the COVID-19 pandemic, many individuals are still electing to spend their time at home, either working or for recreational purposes. As a result, many skin care brands are also making the move to release products and treatments made optimally for the home.

Skin care starter kits and beginner-friendly skin care tools are emerging trends in the skin care industry which are set to stick. Packaged product sets designed for easy and effective application, as well as simple tools such as sculptures, rollers, cleansing brushes and even LED sticks for light therapy are paving the way for skin care made for the home.


Similar to trending ideas of ‘homey’ skincare, accessible and convenient skin care products and routines are also becoming popular. Particularly, the concept of ‘skinimalism’ (combining ‘skin’ and ‘minimalism’) is rising in popularity as more and more people forego their complicated 10+ step skin routines for a more natural and minimalistic approach. People are also beginning to embrace theri skin’s natural texture and showcasing more of their natural skin, meaning multiple sets of skin care products are no longer necessary.

All-in-one type products promoting skin wellness will continue to trend through 2021 and 2022, and fewer people will be inclined to purchase multiple products for the price of one. Clean products and minimal maintenance will be the key focuses in upcoming skin care products and treatments.

Skin care down the road

As skin care distributors, brands and businesses continue to innovate in the industry, the emerging trends in the second half of 2021 are sure to make their mark in the upcoming years as well. It will be helpful to keep an eye out for these trends so that you are kept up to date with the ever changing industry and can prepare yourself for products and treatments that may be available for you in the market soon.