In today’s growingly competitive job market, what skill sets are the most desirable to all businesses – whether large or small? In which industry can you guarantee a job straight after graduation? Keep reading to find out what skill sets and industry professionals are most desirable in the eyes of the business world today!

Block chain proficiency

Block chain technology is often understood as the future of data storage, due to the fact that it is much more secure than any other data storage system existing today. When it comes to large businesses and organizations with important intellectual property, block chain technologies are considered extremely valuable. However, despite the growing value of block chain technology, there are proportionally less experts in the field, causing professionals in the industry to be extremely high in demand.

Project management

Project management has always been a valuable skill set to have for businesses. Helping with both daily tasks and large projects, project managers keep business employees organised and on track when it comes to achieving their goals. However, while project managers have always been important in the context of businesses, they are now even more so with the advancement of technology.

Nowadays, project managers are required to be proficient in not only face-to-face communications but also online communication. Using international communication organisation applications, project managers are expected to connect team members together (even if they are in different countries and time zones) and create a uniform communication flow. Knowing how to record and store important plans and documents online is another important responsibility modern project managers need to be mindful of.

Social media marketing

Rather than using traditional billboards, television and radio advertisements as their main form of marketing, businesses have now turned to social media. As more and more individuals around the world use social media as their primary source of news and popular cultures, it is also becoming more beneficial for businesses to invest marketing strategies into social media.

For example, creating an account on Instagram and posting pictures, stories and reels about products can help increase a business’ online reach as well as improve the accuracy of their target market research. Social media marketing campaigns are usually more cost-effective than traditional advertisements, meaning that they are most definitely a worthwhile option for businesses to invest in and hire personnel for.

Cyber security

Similar to block chain proficiency, knowledge in cyber security is also becoming extremely valuable in the business context. This is due to the fact that most business assets are now stored online and thus, businesses also need protection from hackers and other online threats.

Cyber security is a more complex field to get into – considering its relative nicheness and level of difficulty – however, can be extremely rewarding for individuals who are already generally interested in the industry. With entry-level incomes starting at $70,000 a year, individuals in cyber security can make large sums of money while also experiencing exciting and challenging work everyday. Cyber security careers can include software engineers and developers, ethical hackers, computer forensic analysts and many more.

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