The CJ7 model of the Jeep Wrangler is a classic with a dedicated fan base that appreciates the classic design lines, rugged build, and deep bench of aftermarket upgrades that come with the investment. Not only is the CJ7 iconic for its popularity in the years after World War II, it is one of the most versatile off road vehicles ever designed, so both collectors and adventurers often seek them out. As a result, a well-maintained specimen from a sought after model year can actually appreciate over time, a rare feat for any vehicle. So what should you invest in when you get a Jeep CJ7? There are a lot of options, but only a few must-haves.

Best Jeep Audio Upgrades

The design goals for off-road vehicles usually don’t include a top end sound system. While investment in premium audio can be expensive, it doesn’t take a lot to get clear, startlingly powerful sound in a CJ7 Wrangler. Two simple upgrades to basic aftermarket parts are usually all you need. First, trade up to a premium sound deck. Top brands like Kenwood and Pioneer make entry level models that are accessibly priced and feature rich. Next, upgrade your speakers with a complete set from the aftermarket selection. Often, the stereo upgrade itself does more than the increase in speaker quality, so if you favor one, upgrade the stereo slightly more.

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Bumpers, Doors, & Lift Kits – Upgrades To Look for Before Off-Roading

The Wrangler’s soft top is a classic choice for an upgrade, and most people find themselves browsing for the right option. It’s not an essential, though. Plenty of Jeep owners move to a hard top or opt to keep it open. As you browse the choices under Jeep Wrangler soft top for sale, ask yourself if you need something extra rugged that resists stray branches and debris or if you’re just looking for something that keeps the rain off during your commute, then check out the product specs to find the best match for your budget. If you are going off road, make sure you also pick up these must-have upgrades for performance and safety.

  • Aftermarket bumpers designed to take heavier impacts than the OEM build
  • Wrangler CJ7 doors are removable, and therefore upgradeable to models made with cutting edge materials that carry higher impact ratings
  • Lift kits in various sizes can be chosen to suit your specific overlanding goals, so do your research to purchase the perfect amount of lift for your outdoor build

Check out the Bestop Supertop NX Jeep soft top if you’re still looking at top options for your purchase, then make sure you’ve got a plan for these five popular upgrades. You’re set up for fun with the right off-roading build and a stereo that can keep you jamming no matter where the trail takes you. So what comes next?

Plan an Upgrade Path

There are thousands of options in scores of categories to choose from. After you cover the essentials, ask yourself what you really want out of your Jeep. Then tackle the list, from visual upgrades that change your style lines and vehicle colors to creature comforts, camping support, and more. There are no limits to what you can do with your Jeep if you’re creative.

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