Artificial Intelligence is supposed to be the next big thing in technology development. It has the potential to change our everyday lives forever in the coming decade. The best thing about AI might be in how many things specialists try to put it, ranging from robots and Mini PCs to writing music and educational materials. Companies try to implement AI as fast as they can. Here and the industry leaders. 

1.  Faro Technologies Inc.

It is situated in the USA. This company, although it isn’t popular among people, it is a shark within the AI sector. Faro specialises in highly-precise 3D capture, measurement and analysis across few industries including manufacturing, public safety, engineering and construction.

2.  OpenAI

A research laboratory based in San Francisco, USA. OpenAI is where most of the research about artificial intelligence is being done. The company’s aim apart from AI development is also to promote this kind of technology as a human-friendly way of life improvement.

3.  Sherpa

Sherpa is a company that tries to develop the very first personal assistant powered by artificial intelligence. Their headquarters are in Spain, but they also operate in Silicon Valley, where all the tech magic happens. 

4.  SoundHound Inc.

They want to make machines and computers listen to your voice. SoundHound tries to develop sound AI in various forms. They call their technology a speech to meaning engine. They operate on three different continents.

5.  Zoox

And finally, the technology everyone waits for, self-driving cars. As it is getting more expensive to hire drivers to deliver shipments on time, the world needs self-driving vehicles. Zoox is trying to make it happen, and they are close. 

The vision of artificial intelligence is exciting and scary at the same time for people. You most definitely are amazed by how much humans can develop the existing technology. Like it or not, AI is the future of this world.

AI industry leaders