Most people’s image of badminton is a fun and leisurely game played on the beach or outdoors for fun. But badminton is not only a recreational game; it is also a fast-paced competitive sport. Badminton looks deceptively easy due to its versatility. Badminton is easy and simple when played leisurely during picnics, BBQ’s, on the beach, or with the family in the backyard. However, badminton has been a professional Olympic sport since 1992. Professional badminton players must be fast and agile. Whether you are a beginner or a competitive athlete, you’ll need an excellent racket to play your best game.

The perfect racket is not always the most expensive. Instead, look for a racket that fits your experience level and budget. You want a racket that intersects with your requirements and meets you at your price point. To help you find the best racket to learn with and move into more competitive games, we have researched five rackets that will work for beginners, intermediate, and advanced badminton players.

1. Arcsaber 10

Arcsaber 10

The Arcsaber 10 exemplifies the high-quality of all Yonex badminton rackets. This racket comes pre-strung and ready to use straight out of the box. This top-quality racket comes with some awesome graphics. The frame has a cs carbon nanotube positioned on the sides of the racket. The carbon nanotube ensures the frame is durable while allowing for some flexibility of the racket. The frames elasticity and flexibility allow the frame to snap back into its original shape after each hit. It has an epoxy resin t-joint that aids the quality of performance and stability. The added strength and durability will make a difference while playing badminton. The racket itself is comfortable to hold and use. The racket has a quick response time during offense and defense.

The Yonex 10 Arcsaber has a comfortable feel, quick response time, and is reasonably priced. The racket is lightweight and easy to control, making it suitable for beginners and doubles players. The solid feel core protects your hand and wrist from harmful vibration at the point of impact while playing.

2. Arcsaber 11

Arcsaber 11

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 is the updated version of the Arcsaber 10. Like its predecessor, the Arcsaber 11 is made from high-quality materials and measures up to all rackets produced by Yonex. The Arcsaber 11 is extremely easy to use and control, and that makes it the perfect racket for beginner and intermediate players. The medium weight, along with the heavy head and carbon nanotube shaft, provides the power for dealing with smashes. Speed, agility, and power are necessary to achieve the perfect smash. The flexibility in the shaft allows for defense as well as attacks.

The Arcsaber 11 has a stiff flex frame that a made from H. M Graphite and is designed to flex on the point of impact. This racket delivers on power and is perfect for the intermediate and advanced player who is looking for a doubles racket. Its lighter weight makes the racket a good fit for beginners that need a lighter racket that is easy to control while learning badminton.

3. Nanoray 70 DX

Nanoray 70 DX

Most beginners often make the mistake of buying the most expensive racket and end up regretting that decision. Basing the effectiveness of a racket on price is a mistake. Instead, look for a racket suitable for a beginner like the Yonex 70 DX. When you are just starting out to play badminton, you need a racket that is lightweight and easy to control. You won’t get the power that a heavier racket delivers but for beginner ease of use and control is the priority. The Yonex Nanoray 70 Dx has a stiff flex and is 4U in the weight class. The 70 Dx is sold pre-strung and is affordable, a perfect choice for a beginner.

The Yonex Nanoray 70 DX is made for H.M graphite and has a built-in T-joint. Once a beginner’s skills and experience improve a player can choose a racket with a different balance.

4. Astrox 7

Astrox 7

If you are planning to learn how to play badminton and want to get a racket that will last while you learn and improve your skills, consider the Yonex Astrox 7 racket. This racket is suitable for all performance styles. It has Tungsten/Graphite frame, has a 4U weight, and G4 grip. The Yonex Astrox 7 has excellent all-around performance and can adapt to different game styles. The Astrox 7 comes pre-strung at 24lbs. of tension. This heavy balanced racket has sufficient power to enable powerful hits and fast smashed. The racket is easy to maneuver for combinations quick, heavy smashes, and fast returns.

The medium flex of the racket allows for good control and maneuverability. The control support cap helps decrease air resistance. Overall, this racket offers great control and speed. The racket performs well in all gaming styles and is a good racket for all types of badminton players: recreational, competitive, and singles players.

Another Astrox model is 88D. You can find more information by reading this article here:

5. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7

The Titan G- Force 7 is a well-balanced, lightweight racket made by badminton enthusiasts and meant for badminton players who like to switch up their game between offense and defense. The lightweight racket is easy to handle and offers great control at the net. The frame of the Titan G-force 7 is made from 100% Japanese Toray carbon fiber graphite. It has a 4U weight rating, and a medium flex shaft that allows for better control and more powerful smashes on the court. The Titan comes pre-strung at 24lbs. of tension but has the ability to be strung at 30lbs of tension. This sturdy racket will last a long time and change the way you play the game if you are used to the standard cheaper racket. This is an affordable lightweight racket that is perfect for doubles.

The Titan G-force 7 is suitable for doubles due to its lightweight that aids in better control and power when making shots on the court. The Titan is so easy to control that it’s a good racket for a beginner to start learning to play badminton. The Titan G-force 7 is a high-quality racket that is sold at an affordable price. So, you don’t have to spend out of budget when looking to buy a quality badminton racket.


Choosing a badminton racket is a personal choice that is affected by the experience of the player, the type of player, and the gaming style of the player. There is a wide range of rackets that are sold on the market, and finding the perfect one is tough. When selecting a racket, we suggest that you write down what you require in a racket and look for that most closely fits your needs. Don’t base your racket choice solely on price or on a racket that looks flashy.

Look at the specification of the rackets to checkmark the box on the requirements that you have. Remember, once your skills advance there may come a time to upgrade to another racket so don’t plan on having the racket for a long time. You want a durable, lightweight racket if you are learning badminton. After you learn and have trained your muscles to the movements used in the gamed you can look for a heavier racket if you decide to move into singles for more competitive play of stay with a lighter weight racket for doubles.

The five rackets listed above are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Look at the description to find the racket that will tick off the boxes for your experience as a player and the budget you have set for purchasing the racket.

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