If you are heading to the South for a vacation why not consider camping at the same time? As absurd as it may seem, you can enjoy the various attractions, white sands, and stunning views while camping in Florida.

Now the real question here is which beaches you can set up camp in the first place? Fear not, as here are the top 5 beaches with their very own camping spots to consider in Florida

1. Madeira Beach KOA – St. Petersburg

What is special about this beach is you won’t even have to leave your campsite to find something fun to do here. There are many on-site activities for you to partake in, ranging from bocce, volleyball, shuffleboard and mini golf; located seconds away from the campsite.

If you are all about exploration, you can instead opt for renting a canoe to sail through the Bayou waterway. You will come across a variety of different wildlife, including and not limited to herons, and even dolphins.

If you thought that was the end of Madeira Beach KOA’s offerings, you are thoroughly mistaken. Other activities include biking trails and running.

2. Bahia Honda State Park – Big Pine Key

If you prefer exploring the oceans, then the Bahia Honda State Park is exactly what you have been looking for all along. Apart from its beautiful oceans, you have a spectacular campsite to take advantage of.

As for the most popular activities that take place in the Bahia Honda State Park, you can rent the necessary gear and a boat ride to indulge in snorkeling. The reef is the best place for you to be to make this happen. Once you dive in, you can swim along the ocean floor, or you could bring your own ship to launch on your next big adventure whenever you want from the campsite boat launch.

3. St. George Island State Park – St. George Island

One of the best things about St. George Island State Park is the fact you have got St. Joseph’s Bay and the Gulf of Mexico on either side. Rest assured, you will have miles of what sand for you to feast your teeth into. You will also come across some of the largest dunes in the country!

When you finally make your way to the beach, do not forget to walk along the nature trails to rejuvenate yourself from all the worries and hassles in the world. If you want something more, you can always check out the 1,900-acre wilderness preserve, but only as long as you have a permit to enter.

4. St. Joseph Peninsula State Park – Port St. Joe

What is amazing about St. Joseph Peninsula State Park is that it is perfect for those people that enjoy exploring different varieties of flora and fauna.

With an oceanfront campground, you will come across salt marshes, sand dunes and even oak forests. There is no denying the fact that beach camping will never be as diverse as this.

If you plan on visiting the beach during summers, you will be lucky enough to observe sea turtles nesting on the same beach as you and your family or friends. If that does not get you excited, the long days with orange sunsets will keep things interesting for you.

5. Cayo Costa State Park – Boca Grande

Cayo Costa State Park is unique in many ways, out of which its location is what steals the show. The beach is surrounded by water on all sides, which means it can only be accessed by public passenger ferry or private boat. No matter how you get to the beach, you will have a staggering 9 miles of desert beach to roam about to your heart’s content. Since you won’t have to worry about crowds, you can explore every nook and cranny of the beach.

The beach is great for swimming, fishing, kayaking, and snorkeling due to the warm gulf waters. As for the tent site, each one of them can accommodate no less than eight people. You will have access to potable water, toilets, and showers; everything you need for an unforgettable overnight camping experience. Even though you can bring in your own food and drink, you do have the option to hunt for the thrill.

Tips and Tricks to Keep in Mind

Camping on the beach does not differ from traditional camping. However, you will need to take a few considerations into account. Here are a few tips and tricks for you to consider for an effortless beach camping experience.

  • Do your homework

Before you pack for your beach camping trip, do as much homework as you can to make sure you don’t end up doing something you shouldn’t while at the campsite. Keep in mind, many beaches are closed during cyclone season, which is why finding out as much as you can about the camping location will save you from a lot of hassle later on.

  • Building a campfire

For extended stays, resort to cooking over a fire. Apart from being practical, any food you cook over a campfire will end up being more delicious than you can imagine. Remember, you don’t have to cook over the fire, but instead, will have to wait for it to burn down until nothing but hot embers remain. All of this will only work if your campsite allows bonfires though.

  • Essentials to pack

  • Ziploc bags to keep sensitive documents and electronics safe from harm.
  • Sunscreen for everyday use unless you much prefer getting sunburnt.
  • Garbage bags to clean up after you are done since it is your responsibility after all.
  • Extra towels for cleaning up and beach use.
  • Large water container, for obvious reasons and other essentials for overnight camping.

No matter which beach or beaches you visit from the ones mentioned above, remember to have a good time. Do not use your gadgets, unless it is an emergency, to enjoy what Mother Nature in all her glory has to offer. Beach camping will be worth your time and money, and that is a fact.

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