Are you taking at least one prescription drug?

If you live in the United States, the answer is probably yes. According to the Center for Disease Control, nearly 74% of physician visits in the U.S. involve drugs as a form of therapy.

The problem with a conventional medicine approach is that it treats the symptoms, often without considering the cause.

And when people take pharmaceutical drugs, they may end up taking additional medications to alleviate the side effects of those drugs.

As a result, we’ve become a pill-popping nation.

Continue reading to find out why more people are choosing to take a holistic approach to health. 

What is Holistic Health?

The word “holistic” comes from the Greek word meaning “holos” or “whole.” With a mind-body-spirit approach that addresses the entire person, a holistic health practitioner considers the many factors that can affect a person’s health.

After all, our body’s systems do not work in isolation. Instead, they are interconnected and interdependent. If one part of the body isn’t functioning properly, other parts will suffer as well.

Benefits of a Holistic Approach to Health

We are affected by what we eat, our moods, environmental factors, sleep, genetics, stress, and more. Multiple factors must be considered for true healing to take place.

Provides Root-Focused Solutions

Holistic practitioners will take the time to do a deep dive into your health issues to find the root causes. These root causes may not always be physical. Take digestive issues, for example. 

If you have indigestion after eating, there are several possible causes, including low stomach acid caused by chronic stress. Low acid can, in turn, cause reflux, which might tempt you to reach for an antacid.

But long-term use of antacids may actually do more damage in the long run because you need acid to break down your food properly.

Instead, a holistic practitioner may recommend some stress-management techniques, such as meditation, massage, or deep breathing. 

Individualized Versus One-Size Fits All

No two individuals are exactly alike, so why should an approach to your health look like everyone else’s?

A good practitioner will take your family history, psychological state, how you cope with stress, your current lifestyle, and many other factors into account to develop a health plan unique to you.

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Complements Traditional Medicine

The holistic approach isn’t just for chiropractors, nutritionists, and wellness counselors. Many doctors and other medical professionals realize that our current medical system is flawed.

Instead of pushing pills as the first line of defense, they are adopting a holistic approach, recognizing that humans are much more than the sum of their parts.

Your chances of reaching your healing potential increases when the doctors and other practitioners you are working with collaborate. Many doctors are open to collaborating with holistic health professionals.

Fewer Side Effects

Recommendations may include dietary changes and supplementation, meditation and massage, and incorporating movement on a daily basis.

And since holistic health often involves natural ways of healing, it won’t conflict with any medical treatment you are undergoing, in most cases.

Effective With Chronic Conditions

Studies show that just changing your diet alone can have a dramatic effect on health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Vegan and keto diets are good examples of this.

While conventional medicine excels at treating acute conditions, people are turning to a more natural, holistic approach for chronic conditions. This avoids the unnecessary use of medications that may have harmful side effects. It is also less costly. 

The Big Picture

Holistic practitioners, such as chiropractors and nutritionists, believe that with the proper food and lifestyle adjustments, the body can heal itself. A holistic approach to health can augment your current medical care and help you truly heal by starting at the root.

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