With a rich cultural diversity that encourages humanity, Kenyans are multifaceted and welcoming. A variety of traditions, practices, arts and music, food and clothing – a delicate sense of culture, but also an altruistic spirit of individualism. Kenya has always been known to be rich in animal life and culture but slowly it is coming to the advanced again. From mobile money to NTSA TIMS, there is much to experience in Kenya. Let’s check out the 5 best things about Kenya.


Kenya is a great place for wildlife lovers. For elephant enthusiasts, there is no better place to visit than the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an organisation that has been caring for and rehabilitating baby elephants since the late 1970s. Many of the elephants housed in the sanctuary were saved after they were orphaned at an era when they were too young to live on their own. When they are mature enough, the elephants head back to the wilderness. It was between 11 a.m. And every day at noon, tourists are allowed to watch the elephants at feeding time and to learn about the work of confidence.

Natural Wonders to observe:

Just outside the city, on the path to Masai Mara, you are going to ride along the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley is really a majestic location as it extends all the way from Lebanon to Mozambique. Avoid enjoying a cup of tea or a cold drink at one of the wooden shops on the side of the cliff and admire the incredible views of the valley below.

The world-famous Nairobi National Park is situated on the outskirts of the capital, home to a range of animals including tigers, cheetahs, giraffes and leopards. It is also one of the few locations to see the threatened black rhino. What makes this park truly unusual is that you have the Nairobi skyline as a background; it is not unusual to see wildlife as you travel down the highway to and from the airport.

Cultural Interactions:

For an insight into Kenyan culture, Bomas in Kenya is a fantastic place to launch. Kenya is a vibrant nation and a project has been set up to conserve Kenyan culture and traditions by informing tourists on traditional forms of life. This is achieved through music and dance events, as well as through the exhibition of different forms of bomas (enclosed homesteads) on which people reside. Visitors can also hear about the traditions of some of the ethnic groups that have been located in Kenya.

Experiencing the Kenyan life

Experiencing the Kenyan life:

Find an offer at one of the Maasai Markets in Nairobi. The Maasai Market takes place every day in a different location across the capital, sells all sorts of African trinkets including jewelry, shoes, leather products, garments and wood carvings. But be informed, they are typically in full power, and they are going to chase you around providing “support,” but they are simply getting a fee from the stall owners. You can pick up a few bargains online, but only if the bargaining abilities are up to par. For a more relaxed atmosphere, visit the Maasai Market at the Galleria Mall.

Kenyans know how to live, because as the sun falls, there are plenty of places to drink and dance the night away. The Westlands is a fantastic spot to spend the night in the area, where you can find a variety of cool venues, including The Alchemist, a bar and entertainment venue with live music, DJs and delicious food. Or you should visit the Brew Bistro, popular for its outstanding craft beers.

To get away from the hordes of visitors, go to City Park Hawkers, a local fruit and vegetable market in town. It is fun to walk around the market to witness regular life in Nairobi, but the true treat lies inside. Hidden behind several of the booths, you can find tiny restaurants serving ugali and tasty nyama choma for the staff. So, do as the locals do and find a lunch place for yourself.

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Historical places to visit:

Visit the Karen-Dorden Museum at the foot of the Ngong Hills in Karen. The museum was once the residence of Karen Busquinen, the Danish author of Out of Africa, for whom the suburb was called. A visit to the museum can give you an fascinating look into the colonial history of Kenya.

A few hours out from Nairobi, you can find one of the most visually popular safari attractions in the country, the Amboseli National Park. Lying at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is just outside the boundary of Tanzania, Amboseli is renowned for possessing one of the healthiest elephant populations in Africa; tourists will see herds of up to a hundred of these magnificent creatures at one time. If you are fortunate and it is a bright day, you can see Kilimanjaro as well.

Just south of the area , near Lake Magadi, you can find Ologesailie, an significant archeological site. Several bones, tools, and objects have been discovered here, dating back more than 600,000 years to the period of our early ancestors who resided in the region between 490,000 and 1,2 million years ago.

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