If you are avid for crypto investment, then it will interest you to know the top cryptocurrencies with the best return potential. No doubt, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies, but a significant number of them have little or no potential return. The top coins to invest in with the return potential includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stablecoin, Ripple, and Cardano.

While Bitcoin price and Ethereum price are currently higher than they were during their launch, they still have more potential to yield profit than others. In this article, we will be examining the return potential of these five top cryptocurrencies. Below you will find we have listed these cryptocurrencies in order from the best to the least.


First on our list is the famous crypto Bitcoin. Bitcoin is on top of the list despite it being a high-valued coin. Come to think of it, Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and it accounts for the majority of the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, the percentage by which Bitcoin prices have increased since its launch in 2009 is spectacular. And the best part is that the price of Bitcoin has not gotten to its peak yet, as Bitcoin has the highest potential to still increase. As more and more people are seeking to invest in Bitcoin, the more difficult it will be to mine enough Bitcoin for everyone. This means that there will be a shortage of Bitcoin as time goes by, which indirectly means that the price of Bitcoin is still very much likely to increase in the nearest future.


Next on the list is Ethereum. Ethereum is both a blockchain platform for DeFi and a cryptocurrency. Ethereum is the second-best option when it comes to cryptocurrencies with high return potential. Over the past few years, Ethereum has experienced tremendous growth of more than 27,000%. Numerous factors positively impact Ethereum price. One of the major reasons why investors can expect Ethereum price to rise is because, outside Bitcoin, it accounts for a major portion of the crypto market. In addition to this, Ethereum’s price has the potential to increase because the technology it makes use of is more energy efficient compared to other coins like Bitcoin. 


While Cardano is not in the same league as Bitcoin and Ethereum, there is no doubt this coin has a lot of potential. If we are to go by market capitalization, Cardano is the third-largest coin, next to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The reason Cardano can score the third position is that people see the potential in the coin. This is so because, unlike Bitcoin, Cardano is more energy efficient. Cardano makes use of proof-of-stake to incentivize users to create new blocks, and experts have confirmed this process to be 20,000 times more energy-efficient. Cardano is multifaceted, plus its founders give it more credibility.


Ripple is another great coin to invest in. What makes Ripple have a high return potential is because it is bank-friendly. In addition to this, unlike other types of cryptocurrencies that can be mined, Ripple has been pre-mined. In other words, there is a limited number of Ripple that can exist. And since Ripple has value in that it facilitates the exchange of different types of currencies, a time will come when the demand for Ripple will be more than the supply. When this foreseeable future is dawn, early investors will make a massive profit. Because when you consider the price of Ripple at the beginning of 2017, and today 2021, it has risen by tens of thousands of percent.


Another way you can generate passive income is with Stablecoins. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Stablecoin is not one coin but a category of coins. Coins that fall into this category tie their value to a more stable asset, hence the name. The advantage Stablecoins have over Bitcoin and Ethereum is that they are not as volatile as Bitcoin. Now because they are not as volatile, this means their price is easier to predict compared to more volatile coins. This means that if you are investing in Stablecoins, you can do a statistical analysis to determine when its price is likely to increase or not.

To sum things up, choosing the right coin to invest in is vital for people looking to make passive income with cryptocurrencies. The best coin to invest in are those that have a high return potential. While this does not discredit other cryptos, it just means that all crypto is not equal.


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