While digital marketing methods such as social media marketing and search engine promotions are becoming highly popular, they will have to be more effective to replace the need for traditional marketing methods. No matter how digital the world becomes, traditional marketing methods will always help businesses to grow. 

Even though printed ads, TV commercials, and billboards remain one of the most important parts of local advertising, they come with a high price tag. Additionally, the installation process as well as the contact medium is extremely tough. 

On the other hand, attractive yard signs are the greatest alternative. Not only they are extremely effective at promoting your business, but also affordable. Hence, you can attract the attention of massive audiences without breaking your marketing budget. 

However, achieving success in the yard sign marketing campaign is a little different than the others. Not only you must create a well-designed yard sign but also a marketing strategy. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 designing tips that will make your yard signs effective and attractive. 

Consider Your Brand

Consider the yard signs used for political purposes. These types of yard signs often contain only the candidate name or the slogan of the political party as well as the candidate name. However, these types of yard signs usually don’t contain URL websites or other information that would make the yard sign messy. 

This is because the only motive of the yard signs is to spread the political awareness of the Candidate. The designs, colors, as well as names, reflect the branding of the candidates. Most of the political yard signs in the United States are designed in white, blue, or red color. These types of signs also have some stars or other information to boost the patriotic feel. 

In the same way, the branding of your business implemented on the yard signs will help it to speak for your business. 

Keep the Design Simple

The size of the yard signs can put limitations on your designing ideas. However, despite the limitation, you can design attractive yard signs with the help of your creativity and imagination. 

Pouring tons of business information on your yard sign might be tempting. However, you should avoid doing that. There are hundreds of businesses that attract customers with a simple design. They may include business address and contact information, but never stuff their yard signs with irrelevant information. 

Remember that potential customers will be noticing your yard signs while walking, cycling, or driving. Hence, you’ll only have a couple of seconds to attract their attention. If your design messy or complicated yard signs, they won’t be able to decipher your message. Hence, make sure the design is as simple as possible. 

Make the Name of Your Business Stand Out

Now that you’re aware of the importance of simple yard sign designs, the next step is to focus on what you should be including in your yard sign. 

Remember that the primary goal of your wholesale yard signs is to boost the discoverability of your business. Hence, the business’s name should be the first thing you need to highlight on your yard sign. Whether you place the name of the business at the center or use bold and attractive fonts, bringing attention to the name is extremely important. 

If you think that including your business logo will help the customers recognize your brand easily, you can prioritize the business logo instead of the business’s name. 

Include the Contact Information of the Business

Apart from the name of your business, the 2nd most important thing you need to include on your yard sign is the contact information of your business. As per Quora, contact information indicates that your business is legitimate to your target market.

However, just because we suggest you include contact information doesn’t mean that you need to list your business email address, phone number, physical address, and website URL. Including these in your yard sign will make it messy. 

Instead, find out the most relevant way through which customers contact you and include that in your yard sign. Customers can also search for your brand online to get other methods of contacting you. 

Pick the Type Very Carefully

When you’re working to design the best yard sign, each decision is extremely crucial. Apart from the message that you want to include, you should also focus on leaving a long-lasting impression through the color and type choices. Your branding may determine the choice of your colors. 

If you don’t consider the typography for your yard sign, you won’t be able to boost its effectiveness. Choosing the perfect type for your yard sign will not only make it professional and also legible. 

Apart from the type you choose for your yard signs, you should also consider the spacing and the size of the font to enhance the attractiveness. 


These are the top 5 marvelous designing tips that will help you to create attractive yard signs. When you follow these tips, you’ll be able to create a successful yard sign design campaign. This is a great way to ensure that your yard signs are capable of spreading the awareness of your business and brand.

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