A logo is essential for any business to create its own unique identity and to establish a bond with customers. However, for many small businesses, it can be expensive and time-consuming to work with a professional designer to create a logo. Online logo makers are changing that scenario rapidly, making it possible to create your own logo using online tools.

This new concept has quickly become popular with businesses and freelancers in need of a logo. Based on the power of cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI), online logo makers can be used by non-designers to make professional-quality logo designs. With intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, online logo makers are a good choice for small businesses, freelancers, school groups, sports teams, and many other kinds of organizations.

Which online logo maker is right for you?  

There are a wide variety of logo-makers now available online. These include sites dedicated to logos and logo-making like LogoMyWay and Logogenie, design sites like Canva, website building, and hosting platforms like Wix and even the freelancer marketplace Fiverr. One thing they all have in common is that you can work entirely online in your browser, without having to download any apps or software.

Each site has its own special features. For instance, LogoMyWay is dedicated to logo making and has several different services, including logo contests and the option to work with a designer to enhance your logo design. Canva is a design site and offers online image editing tools as well as the option to upload your own images. Wix is primarily a website building platform and has features to make your logo design compatible with your domain name and website.

Here, we review the main features of five of the best online logo makers.

1. LogoMyWay Logo Maker

LogoMyWay #1 is a cloud-based online service that specializes in logos and logo-making. The site offers a few different logo-making services for anyone in need of a logo, including logo contests and working one-on-one with a designer. LogoMyWay also has an online logo maker that can be used even by those who don’t have any design experience to create professional quality designs.

LogoMyWay Logo Maker

The logo maker interface is friendly, intuitive, and easy to use. The first step is to enter some details about your business. Based on this, the logo maker will show you hundreds of suitable design templates. The LogoMyWay image library has thousands of logo templates created by professional designers, and these can be further customized, by changing fonts, colors, and sizing to get the right look.

It’s easy to create a unique logo for your business based on the appealing designs. The final logo design can be downloaded in the form of high-quality vector files which to print the logo on various media or for websites, social media, etc. The entire process is quick and you can complete it in as little as fifteen minutes. You can use the free online logo editor and buy different upgrades once you create your logo.


Most users enjoy the experience of creating a logo for their business. LogoMyWay also gives you the choice to work with a professional designer. Whichever path you choose to make your logo design at LogoMyWay, you’ll get full exclusive copyright to use your design.

2. Canva Logo Maker

The design site Canva has templates and basic editing tools for everything from flyers and menus to Instagram posts. The basic service is free, with premium and professional plans that unlock advanced features. The Canva logo maker has a wide range of templates for different kinds of businesses, from automotive to cafes. The templates can be customized by changing colors, text and fonts.

In addition, the Canva logo maker allows you to upload your own images, or download images or design elements from Canva’s design library to build your own design. Once you have the final design, you can download the design files in different formats such as PNG, JPG, or PDF. These files can be used to put your logo on stationery, business cards, websites, social media, and more.

Because it is a design site, Canva also has a useful online library of resources for designers, with topics from basic color theory to advice for logo designers.

3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix is a popular website building platform. It also offers a number of tools for businesses, such as an online logo maker. Like the website builder, the basic logo maker service is free once you sign up for a Wix account, but you have to pay for premium services. The Wix online logo maker lets you create a logo in six easy steps.

First, you enter your brand name and then tell the logo maker about what you do, as well as your preferred design styles. You can specify your preferences for icons, fonts and colors. The AI-powered logo maker will show a number of templates, which you can customize further. Once you have the design you want, you can download the source files in SVG format. These can be used to print your logo on business cards, stationery, t-shirts, etc.

Because Wix is primarily a website building site, the logo maker can also sync with your website. You have the choice to pick a website domain name that matches your logo and brand.

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4. Logogenie Logo Maker

This website lets you design your own logos and business cards. The online logo maker has a simplified three-step process with an easy-to-use interface. The first step is to identify the industry category that fits your business, and then pick an icon from the choices offered. Next, you insert your company’s name and tag line into the design and then proceed to the final step to download your design.

The Logogenie logo maker also lets you customize your logo’s colors and color effects, fonts, and alignment. Files are available for download in several formats including PNG, JPG,  PDF and PNG Black & White. The logo design resolution is optimized for use in web and print formats.

Logogenie also has regular promotions, with discounts up to 50%. Promotion codes are shared in newsletters and on partner sites and can be used at the time of payment.

5. Fiverr Logo Maker

Fiverr is best known as an online marketplace connecting freelancers with businesses wanting to use their services. But the site also offers business tools like an online logo maker with designs based on logos created by professionals. The Fiverr online logo maker uses AI technology to produce logo designs based on business specifications.

Once you enter the information about your business and the styles you prefer for your logo, the Fiverr logo maker creates a number of logo designs. You can pick the one you like best, and then go ahead and customize it. When you download your logo files, you get a complete branding package with a social media kit and guidelines for developing your brand.

You also have the option of working with the designer who created your logo design to customize it further. The Fiverr Logo Maker is in the Beta testing stage right now, but it’s ready to use to create professional-looking logos for any business.

For anyone in need of a logo, online logo makers offer an easy way to create professional quality designs. With easy-to-use interfaces and highly customizable designs, you can create a logo that will help your business stand out from the competition. Each online logo maker site has special features, and you can pick the one that best suits your needs.


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