Australia is gradually emerging as the most desirable destination for those who want to study abroad. Here is a list of the top five universities for you to consider for admission. The number of international students in Australia is increasing rapidly each year because organizations or tools like CatEight make finding and procuring admission into these universities easier. CatEight is a course finder that assists you with finding the best university in Australia and assists with the course application process.

How a Course Finder Assists with Your Course Application

When you use a course finder like CatEight, it will provide you with the list of the best universities in Australia to apply for admission. They also guide you on the basic requirements and guide you on how to fill the course application. Moreover, the agents you hire through CatEight help you keep track of your application and try to make sure you get the admission. Because platforms like this have the latest news on admission policies and tips on how to make the process easier, hiring CatEight makes the process of acquiring an admission in the universities in Australia easier.

Highly Recommended Universities in Australia

Reportedly, there were 100,000 international students in Australia during 1994 and then reached 700,000 in 2018 (including school education, higher education, non-award degrees, and vocational studies). This indicates that the international presence of Australian universities is gaining popularity with every passing year. The QS Global MBA Rankings 2020 has released a list of high-ranking universities in Australia. Read on to explore the top five MBA universities in Australia.4

World Ranking of Top MBA programs in Australia
Australian Rank QS World
    Institute Location
1 26 University of Melbourne Melbourne
2 42 UNSW (AGSM) Sydney
3 90 Monash University Melbourne
4 111-120University of Queensland Brisbane
5 131-140Macquarie business
Sydney; Hong Kong

1. University of Melbourne

The tuition fee at the University of Melbourne is USD 66,781. Its MBA program consists of 12 months. It is obligatory for its students to spend 30-40 hours of a week on the campus as well as an additional time of the study after the class. Its fifteen core modules divided into 3 terms with an addition of data analysis, international business economics, and marketing management.

The student also has to complete at least six elective modules that vary every year but the important ones are consumer behaviour, brand management, as well as corporate strategy. The students will also go to Asia (mostly China) on a field tour for a compulsory module Business in Asia.

This program attained the highest scores for employability in the region of Oceania with a 75% salary increase after post-graduation.

2. Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) at the University of New South Wales

The tuition fee at AGSM is USD 59,161. It is one of the top-notch institutes in Australia, which offers an MBA program. It consists of 16 months and attained the second-highest rank in the state for its thought leadership as well as the joint highest for its diversity.

The program consists of nine core courses that a student has to complete in two terms, begins with a 2-week core course i.e. Foundations of Management while entrepreneurship & innovation, and corporate finance & Accounting are additional courses. There are also seven elective courses, like venture capital finance, and business modelling & strategies for growth that consists of two terms.

The students can avail the opportunity of student exchange programs during their stage two. There are 28 AGSM’s partner schools like London Business School, ESADE Ramon Llull University, and The Wharton School. AGSM also offers professional and academic support by conducting workshops and career advice programs.

3. The Monash University

The tuition fee at Monash University is USD 56, 344. The business school at Monash University has attained good scores due to its diversity & ROI. Its students are enjoying post-graduation 67% salary boost. Its MBA program consists of 22 months with the weekend as well as evening classes that provide an opportunity for the students to work along with their study. Moreover, an international student visa allows students to work 20 hours per week.

The program consists of four core modules: Innovation, foundation, Globalization, and transformation. There is an inclusion of a consulting project in every module. Business partners that provide a practical application of the subject supervise the project. Monash also offers nine scholarships specifically for its MBA students.

4. The University of Queensland

The tuition fee at the University of Queensland is USD 53,938. The average length of the Queensland MBA program is 18 months along with three options for an MBA study. One is an accelerated program that students can complete within 12 months in the form of intensive blocks that is there for international students. The second one is a streamlined option that students can complete in 24 months by attending the weekend as well as evening classes. The Third one is a flexible option that contains weeknight, weekend, and weekday study options. Students can also spend 2-5 weeks at UQ’s partner institutions like Harvard business school, ESSEC business school, and Copenhagen business school, which will enrich their experience of MBA study.

5. Macquarie Business School

 The tuition fee at Macquarie business school is USD 56,344. Here students can choose the option of online study, North Rye/ Sydney campus study or Macquarie’s campus that is international and located in Hong Kong. The students can complete MBA in 2 years as a full-time program and 3-4 years as a part-time program through weekly lectures, online and block classes. It consists of sixteen-course units that contain ten foundation units as well as six elective units chosen from 40 options. Marketing management, operations management, and strategic frameworks are included in core units.

Hope this information helps if you are looking for which is the best university to study MBA in Australia. If you need help with finding the right university for you and with applying for admission in any of these or other universities in Australia, CatEight will help.


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