Online pharmacies in Pakistan are growing successfully with an increasing number of customers. The people of Pakistan have started trusting the authentic online pharmacies, which are also dealing with the physical outlets. These pharmacies do not have only the medicines; however, they have prescription drugs, and also the health care items.

The most significant advantage of these online pharmacies is the doorstep delivery. It saves time, efforts, and within less time, the delivery is possible. Some of the online pharmacies do not even take delivery charges. But a consumer should only rely on the authentic sites when it comes to health care products, either the medicines or any prescribed drug.

Top 5 Online Pharmacies in Pakistan

It is not risky if you order from the genuine, trustable and reliable store. The most reliable online pharmacies in Pakistan are hard to find whereas we have made this easy for you to know about the top 5 authentic online pharmacies in Pakistan on which you can trust; these are as follows:

  • Servaid
  • Dawaii
  • Dvago

Servaid Pharmacy

Online shopping in Pakistan is becoming very common through social media platforms and official websites. And in the same way, Servaid pharmacy has captured a large market within significantly less time through their trustable healthcare items, medicines, and reliable doorstep delivery. This pharmacy is authentic with a massive pro of free shipping. 

Servaid Pharmacy assures 100% convenience for all your prescription needs and more by offering fast delivery and secure payment options, and they provide genuine medicines, timely delivery, easy returns and refunds and also the secure payment option which you can trust. This pharmacy offers the top brand’s healthcare products.

Servaid Pharmacy


Dawaii is a trusted online healthcare platform which not only deals with the delivery of authentic medicines; however, it has a great option to find and consult with the best doctor in town. It has also a trusted online pharmacy where 100% original and authentic products are available. Medical devices of various types are available, which can also be delivered efficiently at your doorstep.

The website of Dawaii is official one where you can drop a message also in case of any query to ask by the professional representative and pharmacists. Personal care, health and lifestyle, and fitness drugs like medicines and equipment are also available online. Homoeopathic and herbal products along with the international branded, all medicines are available at a single platform.


Dvago has a physical outlet as well its online sales are high. It has become a trustable pharmacy by many of the consumers because it provides the genuine medicines, healthcare products, PPE, Foods and beverages, baby and mother care products, personal care items, OTC and health needs, nutrition and supplements, hygiene and household, and also the healthcare devices and appliances.

The official online website is running successfully with an increasing number of online orders. It has all the products of popular and authentic brands. This website also has the options for customer review, so if you are not sure or have any doubts with any of the product, you can check the reviews of actual customers who are using the product which you are willing to order. 


It is an online medical store that is also an online pharmacy in Pakistan that deliver medicines and healthcare products all over Pakistan. The nationwide delivery of this authentic online store has made the lives easy because in many cities of Pakistan the shortage of some specific medicines is widespread that are prescribed by the doctors, you can quickly get them at this platform.

You can also install the online MedicalStore mobile application, which will also help you to save your health record. You can set medicine reminder, order medicine online with prescription, live chatting with a specialist, and can easily search the alternate medicines and substitutes.

Sehat pharmacy also has nationwide delivery through trusted courier partners. You can quickly and quickly send your prescription via WhatsApp also. OTC medicines and others are available online. The site is trustable and authentic, where you can get the products of genuine brands. Sehat pharmacy also offers special discounts, so if you are in search of discounts on medicines of healthcare items, than do visit the website like their online pharmacy. 

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