With the government’s latest commitments to waste and packaging recycling, and the ever-increasing costs to businesses associated with sending waste to landfill, there has never been a better time to consider the recycling management arrangements you might have in your workspace.

In their Circular Economy Package, which they published at the end of July 2020, the government set a 65% target for the amount of municipal waste that they wanted to be recycled by 2035. This might seem like an ambitious target, which could increase waste costs to businesses. However, with a desire to do their bit, many people are taking a more active look at their impact on the environment, and these figures may well be possible if we all work together.

Recycling management products, like those sold by WorXmart, are a great way to help organise your workspace and make recycling easier for your employees. Let us take a look at 5 of the top products you may want to consider purchasing.

Indoor Waste Bins

This type of waste bin comes in a range of different sizes, styles and colours, making it the perfect choice for a busy work environment where you can easily set up a simple recycling system using different colours for different types of rubbish. Plastic bins are a good choice for any kind of workplace. They can be used in areas from the office to the factory floor as they are easy to clean. The varying capacities of these bins mean you can choose different sizes for different types of recyclables, depending on the volume you produce.

Wheelie Bins

With its larger capacity, the wheelie bin is ideal for those workspaces that produce a larger quantity of recyclable materials. They are sturdy, practical, and will not need to be emptied as often as smaller bins thanks to their size.

Cigarettes Bins

Cigarette butts can cause unsightly waste outside your business premises that require regular cleaning up. Avoid this by installing a cigarette bin for your employees to use. Cigarette butts mustn’t be added to other rubbish as they could cause a fire if they have not been put out properly and they could contaminate your recycling. Whilst they may not be recyclable yet, companies are always working on new ways to recycle different items, including cigarette butts.

Sack Holders

All too often, people who are pushed for time and in a rush will place all of their rubbish in one bin rather than take a few minutes to separate it into the different types. Sack holders are a great way of making this process more manageable in a busy working environment where time constraints are in place. Trolley sack holders are ideal for use in a storeroom where they can be placed over the end of a trolley. When they are full, empty them into the appropriate recycling bin. These holders come in a range of sizes to suit a few different applications.

Tilt Truck

If you are looking for an easy way to store and move larger quantities of recycling on your premises, and this can certainly be the case if you have a warehouse that produces a lot of excess packaging materials, then a tilt truck is the ideal choice. Tilt trucks are a great aid when it comes to moving larger amounts with ease. Because we understand that you may have a range of different waste management needs, tilt trucks can be purchased in a range of different sizes to help you meet your recycling goals.

There are plenty of different ways to improve your ability to recycle and reduce the amount of waste you produce. How will your business make a positive attempt to help the country reach the ambitious yet perhaps achievable targets the government have set?

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