Rhode Island is known for being full of artisans and creators. A souvenir for your family to remember a visit to the state doesn’t have to be the cliché Rhode Island t-shirt or tote bag. It doesn’t take much to find something a little more personal.

Let’s dig in deep to find the right hand-crafted souvenir to help showcase your trip. Continue reading to learn about the 5 best Rhode Island Souvenirs that you can take home to your loved ones.

1. Rhode Island Soaps & Candles

Locally-made Rhode Island soaps and candles can help to bring the smell of Rhode Island home with you from your trip to RI. Hand-crafted Lightfoot’s pine soap smells of the pine groves and is made by one of the oldest soap makers in the country.

Candlemakers in Rhode Island might also have some of the most aromatic scents available in the form of a candle that your loved ones will want to light when missing the times on the beach or in the countryside.

2. Rhode Island Home Decor

Unique home decor straight from Rhode Island can help your loved ones to feel connected to your trip to the state. Beautiful handblown glass and even Colonial Mills braided rugs can help to tie in any room in the home to the time that you spent in Rhode Island.

3. Rhode Island Books

Rhode Islander, Jill Austin, published a book called “Where Did All The Rs Go?” about a young girl named Riley who moved to Rhode Island. This might be a good gift when it comes to moving your family to the state but will also remind your loved ones of this trip for years to come.

You may also come across Rhode Island coloring books that are great souvenirs for people of all ages. Who doesn’t like to sit down and color every now and then?

4. Rhode Island Food Stuffs

You can go wrong with Rhode Island-specific food items when recreating your trip to the Ocean State. A Del’s Frozen Lemonade ornament can make you nostalgic for the days that you spent by the beach sipping this delicious treat without a straw. Take home a box of Kenyon’s Johhny Cake and Clam Cake Mix to remake some of your favorite treats from RI.

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5. Rhode Island Jewelry

In this land of craftspeople, jewelry making is quite popular. You can find Cumberlandite Jewelry made from a rare rock indigenous to Rhode Island. Alex & Ani bracelets created by Rhode Island-native, Carolyn Rafaelian, can also be found in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Souvenirs

Any of these Rhode Island Souvenirs will be the greatest thing for you to take home to your loved ones after a trip to the Ocean State. These products are hand-crafted by the people who live there. They will hold a sentimental value to the time that you spend there. No matter what you decide to give to your loved ones, they will surely love them.

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