Why some companies are able to build a successful brand in a relatively short amount of time, while others while other companies cannot achieve such results years later? Here are five easy suggestions to help you succeed in this competitive and constantly evolving industry. If you have decided to launch your brand, you will find the following advice extremely helpful!

What branding is and why it is so important?

Branding is the process of creating a strong, positive image of a company, its products, or services. Certainly, this is impossible without a logo, design, mission statement, and an appropriate message in all marketing communications. Consider the fact that, according to a survey conducted by Zendesk, 87 % of consumers say that consistent branding across both online and traditional platforms is important.

  • Branding increases recognition;
  • Has a huge impact on profits;
  • Differentiates you from your competition;
  • Reveals the essence of your firm;
  • Helps people anticipate what to anticipate;
  • Symbolizes you and your commitment to the customer;
  • Allows you to connect emotionally with your customers;
  • Adds value to your company.

5 tips for creating a successful brand

5 tips for creating a successful brand

A sound strategy is an essential component of developing a successful brand.
An effective and comprehensive brand strategy should include the following components:

  • Creating a brand mission. If you do not understand your own product, you cannot effectively communicate with consumers. According to research, 71 % of consumers prefer to buy from companies who share their beliefs;
    Identify your target audience. Who is your target market, and why should they care about your product? With a greater understanding and appreciation of your customers, you will be better equipped to tailor their brand messaging and marketing methods to their experience. Your product or service must resonate positively with your target market; 
     Research the businesses of your competitors. You will be able to describe what sets you apart from the competition and what makes you unique in this way;
  • Marketing message. Your brand’s marketing should “show and tell” your audience who you are. A brand will only be successful if its mission, vision, and core values offer consumers a compelling reason to purchase;
  • Brand introduction video. This is a successful strategy for brand promotion. The majority of businesses utilize it to get results rapidly. Can you believe that a brief introductory video can build trust and brand loyalty in just 30 to 90 seconds? Using a video on your landing page can increase conversions by up to 80 %, according to research conducted by Unbounce. 72 % of customers prefer to learn about a product or service via video, according to Hubspot. Over 50 % of Internet users search for product- or service-related videos prior to visiting a store.

Video marketing is an essential component of a successful brand

And no marketing strategy can compete with it. Regardless of a company’s industry, having an introduction video increases sales and brand recognition.
If you are considering the necessity for such a video for your own brand, you should begin working with a video production company. This ensures confidence in the quality and results. The team at Zelios Agency is one of the greatest firms for creating incredibly fascinating and unforgettable videos.


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