Anybody who washes clothes by hand will be able to appreciate the pains of using detergent bars and laundry liquids regularly. Washing clothes and other fabrics is an indispensable part of life but doing so by hand need not be.

You end up wasting a lot of water when you wash clothes by hand. Furthermore, the laundry bars and fluids are not kind to human skin. Rashes and breakouts are common.

Thus, humans invented the washing machine, to save time, save water, and save ourselves from going completely crazy.

5 Useful Washing Machine Features You Should Know About

The modern washing machine comes in various shapes and sizes. Moreover, there are a host of features to choose from; all of which could be very overwhelming. This is especially true for first-time buyers, and people uneducated in the aspect of washing machines.

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There is a plethora of factors to consider in choosing the right machine with the right features for you. Newer features such as economy mode helps save water and energy, while the anti-allergy feature rids your dirty washing of germs, mold and pet hairs.

Let us look at 5 of the most relevant features of a washing machine that you should be aware of.

1. Child Lock

A washing machine is an intricate mechanism, which should not be left to the mercy of a child. Children are generally very curious and touch items that they find odd. If a child jumbles up the operation modes, your washing machine could get damaged.

Furthermore, there have been cases where a child has locked itself inside a washing machine. It is certainly a serious issue. The Child Lock feature would allow you to ensure nobody tampers with the controls of the machine. Thus, the wash cycle commands would not get mixed-up.

Additionally, the child locking system could include a door locking aspect as well. When activated, this feature would prevent the door of your washing machine from locking, so that the child would not accidentally lock itself in.     

2. Quick Wash

Sometimes you may have just a handful of items to wash, and a full wash cycle would just be overdoing it. The Quick Wash ability is the solution to your dilemma. Like the Economy Mode, this feature uses the appropriate amount of water (and energy) to wash the light load.

These washes are gentler, easier on the fabric of your laundry, and easier on the life of the machine.

Please understand that this feature is only for a light load of clothes, say about 2-2.5 Kg. Though few washing machines feature a full-load quick wash option, however, that is not for heavily soiled washing.

With this feature at your disposal, clean clothes for that sudden meeting will not be a problem anymore. 

3. Load Detection

Any washing machine has a designated amount of load-bearing capacity. Exceeding this limit could turn out to be risky for your washing machine. It is important to segregate your washing appropriately so that the machine is not overworked.

The ability of Load Detection is yet another energy-conscious characteristic of a washing machine. This trait would allow the machine to use its sensors to detect the distribution of the laundry inside the drum.

Thereafter, it would allocate the appropriate amount of water and washing fluids required for an optimal wash. This way, your energy and water bills would be reduced, and you would save a lot on your operating costs.   

4. Air Dry

During monsoon periods and wet weather conditions, your laundry could get damp. The Air Dry feature is designated to remove the moisture from your washing after it has been spun dry.

This ability reduces wait time for the product to dry. In the end, the laundry item that you extract from your washing machine will be almost dry. Consequently, you will not have to hang your clothes out for a long time for them to dry completely.

The Air-Drying option saves more energy than the tumble-drying option and is a more efficient way to dry your clothes. However, this option is more suited for synthetic fabric.     

5. End-of-Cycle Signal

A mechanism that intimates you when the wash cycle is arriving at an end is a critical feature. A delay of mere seconds could lead to your clothes getting wrinkled and re-washed.

The core washing parts are never in a fixed position when the drum or tub is spinning during a wash. As soon as it concludes, the laundry would be over one another. The weight of the laundry coupled with their dampness could lead to folds and creases being formed.

Thus, the end-of-cycle signal would help you determine the optimal time to take out your laundry and to hang them out to dry. The signal for wash conclusion could be in the form of short beeps or buzzes. Some machines make a louder noise during the end cycle, to indicate the signal.


A washing machine is an imperative part of everyday life. Assuming that showing up to work in clean clothes will still be a requirement in the foreseeable future, the washing machine will never be obsolete. It may be improvised or re-engineered, but the basic premise will always remain constant.

A variety of features have been integrated into modern washing machines to help meet your various requirements. We hope that this list of essential washing machine features will help you decide on your washing machine.

Nonetheless, the washing machine is a complex piece of machinery, made up of intricate parts. These require repair and maintenance for a fuss-free functioning. You should always ensure that your washing machine receives expert assistance for all its repair requirements. Hop over to this website, and get a free consultation and estimate from SG Washing Machine Repair.

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