Business owners and young entrepreneurs are always on the lookout for new ways of gaining more customers, positive reviews, leverage against competitors, or simplifying their daily flow of operations. 

Hence, there are hundreds of solutions and pre-made software solutions for financial transactions, customer’s department, or logistics. Lately, human-AI technology has transformed the way clients interact with businesses, making the whole process less formal. 

Throughout this article, you will learn the top 5 new ways to improve the customer experience your clients receive. Scroll through the whole article to find out tips and tricks: 

1.24/7 Assistance

Being available for your customers on a 24/7 basis, both online and offline is not only a modern prerequisite of any successful business but an open communication style that should exist in almost every company. Being able to answer and solve client’s queries in a fast and timely manner is a sign of efficiency and responsibility. Almost 50% of the task is done by using the chatbots you can install on your website, while the rest of the volume can be tackled with a small team of well-trained consultants that can solve complex issues. 

2. Show Gratitude

Whether we are talking about the “Thank you for your purchase” type of SMS, small flyers inserted in the packages you ship to your customers, or extra discounts offered through vouchers, you can be sure that your customers will appreciate the effort of showing so much care. 

Big brands already know this sales strategy and they even organize VIP clubs or private parties for loyal customers. A small gesture of appreciation can bring amazing results for your business in the long term. Even if you are going through tough times, you shouldn’t cut on the expenses for protocol and gifts for your partners and customers.

Giving and being generous in times of economic hardship is what will make them appreciate your business philosophy and grow your retention rate. 

3. Special Promotions

Whether you sell online classes to different academic specialties or fitness subscriptions, handmade jewelry, or organic coffee, you can definitely find time and budget resources to surprise your customers with small promotions or bonuses when they make a certain purchase on your website.

Partnering with other small businesses might have surprising results since it is a cross-marketing strategy that can lead to more stakeholders in the future. 

4.Customizable Delivery Options

We all have a favorite brand of clothing, jewelry, or food that we would love to take with us if we were to move to a different continent. It is very important to make it possible for those dedicated customers that you ship your products to any corner of the world. Maybe they want to surprise someone or simply run out of their stocks while on vacation. 

Cost-wise, this strategy might not bring too much profit, but showing that you are adaptable and flexible to deliver overseas will help your reputation in the long term.

Attention to detail and dedication to your customers’ needs will save you both the time and effort for receiving positive feedback from usual clients. Going the extra mile for those few but loyal customers automatically will bring 5 new customers, thanks to their recommendations. 

5. Show Your Human Side

Taking pride in your employees’ or your CEO’s personal journey is a great way of bringing a human touch to your business and making people feel connected to your brand. If you have a famous executive in your company, a local celebrity as an employee, or an amazingly talented director, you should boost their fanbase and show support for their vocation. This way you both win extra exposure. 

Bottom Line

Training your employees to be extra-kind and do their part in bringing a smile to customer’s faces is an awesome starting point to a great customer experience. If you want to further grow the business’s evolution, you can start by using a chatbot for almost all interactions with your clients, send personalized gifts, and support your employees outside the workplace as well.