Top 6 Ways to Win a University/College Scholarship in Canada

Getting a scholarship can be quite tricky sometimes as they are very competitive. Such opportunities are open to everyone, and thousands of students always apply for the same award. Yet, a scholarship committee may only shortlist less than a hundred applicants.

Since scholarships are highly competitive, you need to have exceptional qualities and excellent academic grades to stand out among all applicants. Thankfully, there are many awards to apply for in Canada, including the Knowledge First Financial scholarships.

In this article, we look at some of the most powerful ways that will increase your chances to win a college scholarship. Keep on reading to learn more.

Great Tips to Win a College/University Scholarship

Here are some of the tips that will help you get a scholarship when implemented.

1. Meet All the Scholarship Requirements

The first thing you must always check before applying for any scholarship is the eligibility requirements. Failure to fulfil all the requirements may lead to automatic disqualification since there are many applicants. So, ensure that you have all the required documents.

When you realize that you don’t have all the requirements, you can search for them. Most scholarships usually provide enough time to allow applicants to look for requirements. Don’t make the mistake of submitting your application if you lack some requirements.

2. Apply for Several Scholarship Opportunities

When you perform a quick search for “scholarships in Canada” on the internet, you’ll find hundreds of awards available. You can narrow down your search by listing all the awards that align with your interests and level of study you want.

Apply for all the awards that match your needs to increase the chances of winning an opportunity. No one will victimize you for applying for several scholarships. Besides, it will cost you nothing to apply for many opportunities at once.

3. Take Part in Community Activities

As a student, you need to participate actively in your community to improve your chances of winning an award. That’s because most scholarship committees prefer candidates who engage themselves in community work.

One of the best ways to prove your commitment to the community is by volunteering in activities that can make your community a better place. That’s because most scholarship providers are non-profit organizations committed to helping others.

4. Apply for Scholarships with a Lot of Requirements

Many students tend to avoid scholarships with numerous requirements like study plans, research proposals, essays, projects, and video recordings. That will reduce the number of applicants increasing the chances to win a scholarship award.

For instance, the scholarships that require applicants to write a 1000-word essay usually have less than 500 applicants. However, those that need the candidates to submit the basic requirements like certificates and transcripts have thousands of applicants.

5. Write Great Scholarship Essays

Most scholarship committees will always use the applicants’ essay to shortlist successful candidates. You can use this chance to capture the attention of the selection board. When writing the essays, don’t introduce yourself because that may result in disqualification.

Ensure that you are realistic by giving vivid examples of past experiences that motivated you. Remember to highlight the lessons you learnt from the experiences. However, you should never exaggerate your points.

When you finish writing an essay, ensure that you proofread it to remove all the grammar mistakes. You may share it with your friends and mentors to confirm if it’s excellent.

6. Prepare Adequately for the Interview

When you submit a scholarship application after implementing all the above tips, there is no doubt that the selection committee will shortlist you. They will send you an email inviting you for an official interview. So, you must prepare for the meeting in advance.

One of the best ways to prepare for the interview is by practicing with your family members or friends. You can request them to ask you questions as you respond to them. They will then give you the remarks on your answers, tone, and behavior during the interview.

Another way to prepare is by searching for questions commonly asked in all scholarship interviews. You should find their answers and customize them to match your study plans.

Final Words

Now that you understand what it takes to win a scholarship award, you need to implement all the tips when applying for any scholarship. Apply for all the scholarships you’re eligible for, making sure that you fulfill all the requirements before submitting your applications.


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