Top 7 secrets for Kilimanjaro trekkers you have never known before

Top 7 secrets for Kilimanjaro trekkers you have never known before

It has been an electrifying experience to trek Kilimanjaro for vacation. If you are a trek lover and got the chance to join a group of tourists for trekking. You must opt for the most picturesque one. This is the route where 80% of climbers usually reach the summit. If you are planning for a such life-long adventure, then as part of your all-important preparatory research, here are seven secrets you must know before climbing Kilimanjaro. Let us look at the memorable secrets of Kilimanjaro trekkers on this challenging adventure.

1. Some seasons on Kilimanjaro are better than others

You can climb Kilimanjaro at any time of the year, there is no season restriction. Though, some weather conditions are more favourable to climb than others. From March to mid-June there is a heavy rainfall that makes climbing a little bit difficult for a trekker. April, May and November are the hottest months which also be one of the reasons for a bad experience. You will get the clearest skies at Mt. Kilimanjaro between mid-December to mid-March. This is one secret that this time will give you the best trekking experience that will be worth remembering.

2. Age and body shape do not matter

At the time of Kilimanjaro trekking age and physical fitness does not matter. The secret is to walk slowly with climate adjustment. People who run and slow walking is not of their rhythm. They, become unsuccessful with this trek. On the flip side, mostly older people are astonishingly successful in trekking Kilimanjaro. Thus, go with the slow rhythm and certainly, you will get successful.

 3. Loss of hunger and craving

 This is a secret that you have not known before. Though, you need food to get more energy to climb the mountain yet losing appetite is common at high altitudes of Kilimanjaro and it happens with most climbers. The secret is the higher you climb the mountain the more you don’t feel like eating since the food taste sets the teeth on edge.

4. Some trekking routes have higher success rates

 To reach the summit of Kilimanjaro, there are seven different routes from diverse places on the mountain.

l Northern circuit

l Lemosho route

l Machame route

l Rongai route

l Shira route

l Marangu route

l Umbwe route

The secret to selecting the best route to start trekking is that do not to start at too-higher altitude. Proper assimilation is required to choose the best route. Because if you push your body too high and too quickly then you will get sick. Out of these seven routes Northern circuit and Lemosho have much success rates than others.

5. Trekker won’t be able to sleep even if completely broken

Though, taking sleep is necessary to complete the trek and to get plenty of energy. Yet, this is another challenging secret at high altitudes to get sleep with low oxygen. In case you are much tired even then it is not possible to take a nap at the high elevation of Mount Kilimanjaro.

6. Your life is in your guide’s hands

The Kilimanjaro trek is 19.340 feet and you are lucky if you have a good guide to take care of you. The secret is that in just 10 steps more than 75% of climbers feel Kilimanjaro altitude sickness. That is why no trekker is allowed to climb Kilimanjaro on its own. Everybody has to start trekking with a registered tour operator. As at this trekking making your own decisions is also your guide’s duty. There are many guides and it is advisable to be hard while selecting a guide for you. You will get:

l Budget tour guides

l Value for money tour guides

l Luxury tour guides

Before selecting the best trekking guide for your trekking experience get the proper recommendations like the operators they travelled with. Go to the website and read their past client reviews. Speak to your operator to know about his potential and professional outlook. Overall, you should always choose the right trek guide who has wide experience in this difficult Kilimanjaro trek since whatever happens up there is under your guide’s supervision.

7. Physical and mental preparation is necessary

Climbing Kilimanjaro is a tough trek and requires proper preparation and packing of the right equipment. While it does not need any previous mountaineering experience yet it needs physical and emotional efforts to get success. In physical preparation the more you exercise the easier the climb will be. Thus, train yourself hard to enjoy trekking. Moreover, encourage you mentally to complete the Kilimanjaro success.

Remember, climbing Kilimanjaro is not a race rather it is an incredible voyage that you want to relish. So, start your trekking with an enthusiasm, and share your thoughts and snacks with your trek mates. Take ample photographs and enjoy the adventure!