Top 8 Useful Laptop Protection and Maintenance Tips

Hi, laptop users out there, if you are searching for useful tips to protect and maintain your laptop, please keep reading to know more.

A laptop is a valuable device that enthusiastically supports you in working, studying, and entertaining. Nowadays, youngsters tend to invest in a hi-tech and expensive laptop. That’s the reason why numerous people are looking for tips to keep laptops damage-free.

Besides technical features, the longevity of a device vastly depends on how the user uses and maintains it on a daily basis. In this article, we will show you the top 8 practical tips on how to keep your laptop trouble-free. Check it out now!

Laptop protection and maintenance tips

Below are the top 8 tips that we have learned from our experience. Hopefully, these tips are helpful for you.

Laptop protection and maintenance tips

Maintain Your Laptop

Shield laptop display

Similar to the smartphone, the laptop display screen is also very  susceptible and fragile. Thus, a laptop shield is an indispensable item to avoid unwanted harm. Currently, there is a wide range of laptop shields in the market. We usually purchase anti-glare sheets to protect the screen from solar exposure.   

Apply antivirus protection

Since purchasing the laptop, you should download antivirus software to protect your laptop from the virus. Hackers add numerous virus piggybacks on links and spam emails that can easily access and harm your system. 

Antivirus software plays a crucial role in stopping virus entrance from the beginning. We usually install a top-notch antivirus program to forewarn us against virus threats.

Take break

After a specific operation time, let’s give your laptop a break and leave it in a well-aired space. 

Furthermore, a lot of people are used to drinking and eating while working and putting the drinkables near the laptop. There are countless cases of people accidentally spilling food and drink on the laptop, causing severe damage to it.

Avoid closing without powering off

A lot of people are used to closing the lid without shutting it off. In case you act repetitively for a long time, it will make your laptop overheat. Technical devices operate similarly to human beings. After working continuously, you have to take a rest and relax to recharge your battery. Likewise, hi-tech gadgets also need time to refresh to maintain the highest work efficiency.

Instead of closing your laptop, it’s advisable to turn on the Hibernate function. Hibernate keeps your system undamaged and remains unsaved files as they are saved on the RAM.

Nowadays, several laptop companies automatically set up Sleep mode when the lid is closed to prevent unwanted damage. If you are a designer or artist and are looking for a powerful laptop, you can click here.

Don’t forget protection bag

A protection bag is a must-have item for laptop lovers to minimize outside impact and avoid scratches. When purchasing a laptop, the manufacturer may give you a free protection bag. However, the quality of the bag differs from brand to brand.

In case, you are not satisfied with your current bag, you can buy a high-quality laptop bag with customized designs. A good laptop bag will feature pockets to store cable, laptop accessories and USB drives. Don’t forget to check the padding thickness as it decides how good the protection is.

Additionally, don’t put heavy things on your laptop. It may affect the laptop’s monitor and crack the screen.

Hard drive protection

Besides outer protection, your laptop also needs to be protected from the inside. We usually upload important files onto Dropbox to reduce the laptop’s workload.

Dropbox offers 2GB of free space which is sufficient to save a large number of images, Word, Powerpoint and PDF files. In case you demand more, you can purchase the upgrade versions. Interestingly, you can easily access Dropbox from gadgets such as smartphones, iPad or Macbook. Apart from Dropbox, you can buy extra external hard drives to back up your work.

While using a laptop, you should upgrade your software frequently and download up-to-date software to avoid software corruption.

Regular cleaning

We used to get into trouble when cleaning the keyboard. However, after several times of cleaning, we gradually learned how to clean the keyboard efficiently. 

Firstly, before cleaning, you have to take off the laptop battery to avoid electrical accidents. After that, hold the laptop upside down and gently shake it to remove particles. Next, make use of compressed air to wipe out all stubborn dust. Finally, carefully apply liquid cleaners and give your keyboard a new look.

Apart from keyboard cleaning, the screen also needs your attention. You should use a lint-free cloth to wipe away all dust and dirt on the screen.

In case you are too fed up with cleaning small keys on the keyboard, you can purchase screen and keyboard protectors to make the cleaning process faster and easier than ever.

Besides physical cleaning, you also need to clean out your unnecessary programs. We tend to download numerous programs and forget to use it for a long time. These useless programs will take up disk space as well as slow down the laptop’s performance.  To uninstall them, you can head to the Control Panel, click on programs and features, right-click the program and opt for the uninstall option.

After a long time of usage, your disk will be piled up with a bunch of excessive files, old Windows installation, web pages of thumbnails. You’d better go to the Settings -> System -> Storage to delete these superfluous files.

Don’t overcharge the battery

Overcharging the battery is a common mistake that everyone surely experiences. Some people tend to plug the device all day long, no matter if the battery status is full or out of battery.

This unnecessary activity will undoubtedly result in battery aging. You shouldn’t charge the laptop when its battery level is higher than 20%. Notably, remember to continuously charge the battery to 100%.


Laptop protection and maintenance aren’t as difficult as you think. Hopefully, you can successfully apply these tips above and say goodbye to laptop customer services. Thank you for reading our article. If you have any tips, don’t hesitate to comment down below and share it with us. Have a nice day ahead!


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