Most people do not like visiting a dentist’s office until there is an emergency. If you are seeking for a dental office space, then choosing a property with specific amenities can distinguish you from your competitors and attract more clients. They also aim at improving patient satisfaction and comfort, thereby encouraging repeat visits and ensuring high patient retention. Looking for such amenities is also a significant aspect of ensuring good dental office management.

You can seek help from services like dental office space for rent – HPRG, where you will find realty experts who can help you choose an ideal space as per your requirements, preferences, and budget. Here are a few amenities you need to ensure that the dental office you choose for rent is equipped with.

Layout and Furniture

Waiting rooms at most dental offices look almost the same, rows of chairs, bulky tables in the end cluttered with magazines, and a couple of televisions tuned to news channels. Spaces laid out like this are boring and uncomfortable. Sitting next to strangers with your back against the wall can make them feel like hostages.

To make your patients feel liberated, ensure that the dental office space you choose for rent has various seating options. It may have some chairs clustered around coffee tables for families or groups and some positioned at quiet spaces for people who prefer silence. Keeping the seats movable gives even more independence to the visitors.

Bright Lights and Colors

Bright white walls, accented by bold colors like greens, reds, blues, and oranges, are best for dental offices. These invigorating colors are quite popular for dental clinic interior designs. Metallic colors are also in the trend.

Give equal importance to the lighting fixtures in the dental office space you are planning to rent. Look for bespoke fixtures meant to illuminate certain office space areas, particularly the sitting area and reception area. These dramatically encourage movement and convenience throughout the office space. An ideal combination of lights and colors can make your dental office unforgettable, inviting, and dynamic.

Open Floor Plan

When it comes to your dental clinic’s treatment area, many owners are going for open floor plans. Instead of closed-off, private rooms set in rows, open floor plans are more inviting and comfortable. Patients do not want to feel confined in tiny cubicles filled with machines. Such open floor plans have no or minimal walls to separate the treatment areas. Even if there are dividers, they should not go all the way up to the ceiling. Such a layout will also allow natural light to flood into the entire area.

Fast and Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity

While waiting for their turn, your patients would want to stay connected with their friends. Some professionals may also want to complete a pending work while sitting in your waiting room. So, why not give them a reliable Wi-Fi connection that can keep them busy and occupied. Remember, having a Wi-Fi connection is not enough. It needs to provide strong connectivity in every corner of the space, as no one wants a slow connection speed that takes minutes to open each web page.

Visitors can wait patiently if your Wi-Fi can keep them connected. The same applies to cellphone signal strength. Patients may want to make or receive calls and send emails or text messages while sitting in your waiting area.

Kids-Friendly Areas

As a dental office, kids will be your regular visitors, as they are common victims of tooth decay, early tooth loss, misaligned teeth, lip or thumb sucking, milk teeth problems, cavities, etc. So, you need to choose a dental office space for rent that has a kid-friendly corner. Such an area can not only keep kids busy and entertained but also make their visit memorable and less scary.

Televisions can be good to make kids sit quietly and happily. Besides that, you may also consider adding some games, toys, video game consoles, and treasure chests to keep them excited.

Outdoor Space

Many people stay inside the home or work in an office, spending a major part of their day in the kitchen or in front of a computer screen. These days, people seldom get time to go outside and enjoy the weather. But while waiting for their turn at a dental office, they would love to visit you if you give them a little bit of outdoor space to enjoy. A patio type of space with umbrellas and picnic tables would be an ideal way to wow your patients. Depending on your patient demographics, you can choose a dental office space that offers all these amenities to your patients. If you can’t find such a space, get in touch with a realty expert like dental office space for rent- HPRG and get access to properties that suit your requirements and budget.

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