Tokyo is a beautiful city and has been maintained rather nicely. Apart from the exotic locations, the biggest issue people find while planning a trip here is remembering which one of them to visit. The locales have confusing names and here we share with you the top attractions in Tokyo which any first-time visitor should see.

Meiji Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to memories of late Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken. It is located within a forest of around 10.000 forests and the walk is rather pleasant. There is a lot of peace in the area and you would see many tourists moving ahead. You will also see a camphor tree where people hang wooden tablets with their wishes written on them. If required, go through Hotel Jules guide to Tokyo to know more about the place.

Takeshita Street

This gorgeous street is for those who do not mind spending their entire day shopping and bargaining. Located next to the Harajuku station, the street sells you beauty items, bags and a whole load of other items. You will also find some very niche brands sharing some of the very stunning dress pieces here.

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The Shibuya crossing is one reason why this place is a must-visit. In the nights the place is absolute heaven with lighting stunning the visitors. Apart from that, you will also see Hachiko’s statue and a lot of youth trend outlets. Some of the buildings there are dedicated only to shopping so let yourself lose in the maze.

Asakusa and Sensoji

Here Asakusa is the main district while Sensoji is the temple area. Though the place remains crowded, it is not a bad feel crowd to deal with. Mostly here you get to experience the real feel of the city of Tokyo. Close by is Nakamise, a shopping street offering you a chance to choose Japanese Souvenirs. Plus, the restaurants on the street offer delicacies of the finest taste. The Sensoji temple is the oldest temple of the city and here you have to follow certain cleansing rituals before entering.

Tokyo Skytree

 This is probably the tallest structure in Japan and if you want to see the city’s full view, you must visit the building. There are tickets for going to the top and it is wise to purchase them in advance. You will also find a shopping arena on the ground floor. The place is slightly far from Asakusa and if you are doing them on the same day, you must use a means of transport to reach instead of walking.

Apart from that, there are multiple other destinations that you must visit when you go to Tokyo. However, if this is the first visit, then give the above places a priority on your bucket list. The city of Tokyo is more about experiences and if you want to relish your stay here, try and make the most of your time here. Find an easy mode of transport so that you do not have to waste time commuting. Also, for close by areas prefer walking as that saves your waiting time.


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