Your kids get a few weeks off every year for winter break. This means you have to plan on them being home, which means lots of activities to keep them busy! Sure, you can turn your head and just let them watch movies, play video games, or whatever else your kids might want to do, or you can have everyone roll up their sleeves and help you take on a fun, family DIY project, such as any of the following.

Christmas Ornaments

One thing you could do with your kids is to make Christmas ornaments to add to your tree. The time for your family to start putting up the tree is getting closer and closer, so it is the perfect time to make these. There are a few simple ornaments you can have your kids help with, like glittered pinecones.

All you have to do is bake your pinecones for an hour at 200 degrees after cleaning them. Let them cool off and allow your kids to help decorate them using glitter or even paint if you want. Once you are done, grab a ribbon, and tie it on the top of the pinecone so that you can hang it off your tree. Have your kids sign their work to make these pinecones even more special.

Fun Painting

You and your kids can have an entire day of fun painting a room. Choose a room that you’ve been wanting to spice up and ask your kids to help you paint it. You might have to go to the store alone to get supplies and pick the right color for the room, as the kids might want something that doesn’t match the general aesthetic of your house.

You can also choose to let you kids help pick the color! This will help them feel even more involved. Give each child a section and let them go wild with the paint! Make sure you throw a tarp on the ground so you can keep your floors safe. This project is safe for most kids; just make sure you don’t use a ladder around them to be safe. Do any high painting later.

Paper Lanterns

Another fun project for your family is making paper lanterns. Most of these are relatively easy to make, and there are many types of paper lanterns out there to choose from. Some are circular, some are rectangular, and some are inspired by the traditional lanterns used in different parts of the world, such as China and other countries.

Now, it is important that you choose durable, thick paper to ensure that all of your lanterns stand the test of time since they might be outside from time to time as decoration, and you are going to be placing a light bulb inside. You can use cork rolls instead of regular cardboard paper, which is a little too thin. You can have your kids get creative with the lanterns by adding paintings, designs, or other fun little things to give each lantern a little more personality.

Planting a Bit

Your kids might not be fully ready to start gardening, so it’s good to start small. You can ask your kids to plant plants with you inside a small window box. These types of boxes are thin enough to be placed on the edge of your window or ledge.

This can help you teach your children about plant life and conservation and responsibility! It’s a small step towards growing a garden. Caring for plants requires work, and it is your child’s responsibility to keep the plants alive.

It’s good idea for your kids to plant something edible that can be taken care of inside your house, like basil or rosemary. Once they start growing, you can cook something with your freshly grown herbs, and tell your kids how instrumental their work has been. Your kids will be so excited their hard work is in their dinner!

There are many DIY ideas you can try with your kids, like making a stepping stone pathway in your front yard. Hopefully, you can find something the whole family will love that can help you create a beautiful space in your home!

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