In the not so distant past, consumers just stuck to what they knew when it came to shopping, utilities and insurance. Unless you went out and literally shopped around, there was no easy way to compare what you knew with new companies or to tell whether you were getting the best deal possible, and it would have been extremely time consuming to find out. Fortunately, the invention of the comparison website has been revolutionary for consumers everywhere, meaning that they can compare the prices of all sorts of different things online, from the comfort of their home. These are the top five comparison websites (in no particular order) to consult when you’re having a hard time shopping and need some advice.

Its name itself describes exactly how we feel when we’re comparing the price of several different things, and don’t know what to go for. Fortunately, its namesake does not represent the mission statement of the company itself, and it’s actually there to rescue you from your confusion about any sort of car and home issues and the different sorts of insurance you can apply for. It’s actually part of the Admiral Insurance Group, meaning this is what they actually specialise in.


Unlike name is straight to the point, and you know exactly what you’re getting. You simply go on their website, to compare whatever it is you need to compare. GoCompare was launched back in 2006, and it’s one of the more flexibly comparison websites that offers a great deal of different products and services. To name a few, it partners with many other firms to show you all of the best buy saving rates, internet prices, and even flights.


Although one of the less well-known comparison websites, that absolutely does not belittle it’s worth. In fact, BigShopper is a great website because it allows you to compare such a vast range of products, ranging from cat and dog supplies to camping equipment for your family adventures. Another plus to this website is that it’s available in a range of languages, therefore wherever you’re from or wherever you are in the world (if you travel for work, for example) this site is easily accessible for you. It’s a definite one to watch!

Compare the Market

It does what it says on the tin – allows you to compare the market quickly and effectively. This company is possibly best known for its furry mascots – the cute, animated meerkats they use for advertising and even give away cuddly toy versions with certain types of car insurance deals if you go with them! This website has all of the tools help you compare all of your insurances, household utilities, and even some handy electronics that can help you save on your month to month bills!

Another perk you get with Compare the Market, is that if you take out a qualifying insurance product – these include ranges in car insurance, life insurance and pet insurance – or switch any of your TV or broadband services with them, you’re automatically entitled to a year’s membership of Meerkat Movies. Before going on to explain more, it’s best to mention that this particular service and perk is only available in the UK, so it’s not accessible for everybody, unlike earlier mentioned with BigShopper. However, if you are a UK resident and qualify for Meerkat Movies, this means you’re entitled to an entire year of two-for-one on cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at all major UK cinema chains. Again, although it’s a major perk, it’s not available everywhere and anyone looking to compare websites should ensure they can’t get the same policy or package cheaper elsewhere, regardless of how much you might love going to the cinema.

Money Supermarket

Last but not least, Money Supermarket is another option if you’re out there looking to compare all of the different deals you’re entitled to. However, unlike a lot of the other comparison websites and similarly to BigShopper, Money Supermarket doesn’t only offer comparison tools for different insurances and utility companies. They actually offer step by step guides to help customers understand the basics of what they’re spending on everything, from credit cards to household purchases.

It’s plain to see why all of the top five price comparison websites have been deemed so, and that they all have their own perks and things to offer. In conclusion, it’s probably best to do your research, and go with whatever website is best for you dependant on what it is you’re wanting to purchase. Whichever website you choose, you’re in safe hands! Happy comparing!


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