Today we will help you understand how you can play GBA games on a modern PC. All you have to do is to download an emulator, load the game and you can start. It is a super-easy process that requires minutes of your time and will reward you with hours and hours of superb gaming time. Let’s check out the best PC emulators.

1. BizHawk

BizHawk is an old and popular emulator that has been developed by gamers for gamers. It is great to use, comes with a simple interface and it has something special prepared for you. The emulator can be used in a speed mode which basically allows for you to complete a part of the game as soon as possible, without cheats. Of course, you can use cheats as well. The emulator also supports additional ROMs and comes with the ability to run older games as well. It is stable and works well with most developments.

2. KiGB

In order to use this emulator, you will first have to download a game from Gamulator. After that, load the game and you are done. The emulator has the ability to run a game at different speeds, ranging between 25% and 400%. The link cable is supported as well and 4 players can play a game at the same time. The graphics and sound are impressive and 100% realistic. The last but not least, the emulator supports different games developed for different versions of Game Boy. Yes, you can use the clock option as well.

3. Higan GBA

This emulator is powerful software which will assist you by loading any ROM file you want to play. It supports thousands of platforms and games so it is suitable even for those who want to try something new. When it comes to usability, we must add that it is one of the simplest emulators out there and the one that is great to use. One, the interesting advantage is the improved color reproduction. However, sound quality can be laggy at some point.
VisualBoy Advance

4. VisualBoy Advance

The VisualBoy Advance has been with us for the longest period of time. It is a superb emulator that offers great features, advanced capabilities and most importantly, it is a stable version. Some of the possibilities include the use of cheat codes, support for controllers and it runs on old and new PCs. Most of you will also appreciate the ability to take screenshots and to save a game at any given moment. The emulator is suitable for beginners and professional gamers who seek advanced features.

5. BGB

BGB is another great emulator on our list. It is simple, powerful and great in the lack of a better word. You will appreciate the ability to run any game in real graphics and with super sound quality. The next best thing is the clock emulator which is supported as well. We also liked the overall simplicity paired with great functionality. Don’t forget that the emulator offers you ability to run all games developed for classic Game Boy device and re-designed alternatives. You will appreciate the fast mode and the ability to use controllers.

Enyoi playing Game Boy Games

They may be simple and look old, but these emulators are truly the best way you can use to play games on your PC that were developed for Game Boy. Pick any of the emulators, load the game and start enjoying the wonderful quest loaded with countless options. If you want to remember the gameplay that you had in the 90s, now is all possible.