Self-care was one of the most used terms in 2018 and things don’t seem to be changing anytime soon! 2019 continues this trend of embracing yourself while trying to better yourself at the same time. While we’re all so different and define self-care differently, there are some trends that are taking the world by storm which you could put to good use!

Of course, alongside the term ‘self-care’, a new inspiring trend has taken place in the past year and this trend that we love some much is body positivity, of course!

People have started embracing their curves and their beautiful ‘flaws’, but one thing stayed the same – we all still want to be healthy while looking fabulous at the same time, right?

Well, in order to help you achieve just that, we’ve prepared a list of the top ten upcoming wellness and health trends that you may consider taking up. You’ll see that there is something for everyone, so without further ado, let’s get to business!

1. The Rihanna Effect

As mentioned, body positivity is something that you cannot go through the day without hearing. And who do we have to thank? Rihanna, of course? Ever since she introduced Fenty Beauty, that included all possible skin tones you could imagine, there has been a revolution in the make-up industry!

Since the make-up line included 40 different shades, Rihanna’s competitors had to step up their game too! So, along with body positivity, the world has started realizing that inclusiveness is just as important. This means that, whatever your body size or skin tone may be, you have a lot more shopping choices when buying make-up and clothes before “the Rihanna effect”!

2. A ‘workout’ for the soul

Sure, all of us would like to be fit and we spending hours in the gym trying to achieve it. However, along the way, as we work on our physical selves, we tend to neglect our spiritual selves!

This is why one of the most important trends for 2019 will be meditation. Now, this does not have to mean that you absolutely have to meditate in the true meaning of the word, but the best thing to do would be to find something that relaxes your mind and spend at least half an hour a day doing it. Just get in the right meditation clothes, pack other accessories like water and soothe your mind.  Also, don’t forget to pack bacteria detecting towel, Mizu. It’s the world’s first bacteria detecting towels with the color changing strips to help detecting residual soap, dirt, bacterial metabolism and sweat.

3. CBD is the way to go

You already know that CBD was all the rage in the past year, and you’ll be happy to hear that it isn’t going away anytime soon! CBD oils are definitely here to stay, and as the number of studies on this natural remedy grows, so does its popularity.

So, if you have a health condition that doesn’t seem to be improving, consider giving CBD oils a shot – your body will thank you!

4. The eco-keto diet

While ketogenic diets have been all the talk in the past couple of years, they have lost a part of their popularity due to the 2019’s new health trend – the eco version of the keto diet! The diet is still based on ketosis and is a low-carb and high-protein diet. However, it is animal-friendly and has become vegetarians’ and vegans’ favorite!

5. Say hi to the bush… again

Having mentioned the body positivity movement, here is yet another trend that has resurfaced this year. Say goodbye to the painful waxing and embrace the bush! You’ve probably already heard all about JanuHairy, but this new trend seems to be sticking out for the year!

6. Fitness furniture

Introduced by The Habit, a company from Hong Kong, fitness furniture has been gaining a lot of popularity this year. The idea behind ‘the fitness furniture’ is creating furniture that can double as fitness equipment. For example, The Habit produces aerodynamic wooden chairs and coffee tables that can double as dumbbells and workout benches!

7. Let the crystal healing begin

We all heard about the popularity of crystal back in Egypt and China thousands of years ago, but this trend has experienced a major breakthrough in 2019. The beauty industry has recognized crystals’ potential and there are lots of crystal-based products on the market today – from holistic treatments to semi-precious stones blended into your skincare. What more could a girl want?

8. Workplace gyms

Since the idea was suggested in a Forbes article, more and more companies have started implementing it in their workspaces. Since most full-time employees don’t have the time to go workout after work, workouts have come to them! Definitely a great way to stay fit, while not even leaving your workplace!

9. It’s moringa’s time to shine

This powerful plant is native to Bangladesh, India, Afganistan, and Pakistan. The best thing about it is the fact that it is completely edible, from the stems to the leaves, and is also rich with vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. And you can buy it in tea form, too!

10. Bid your plastic containers goodbye

It is definitely about time we say goodbye to our bad habits of polluting this beautiful planet of ours, and the best way to start doing this is to say hello glasses, jars, and reusable kitchen supplies.

The truth is that, when drinking or eating from plastic containers, we do not only pollute our planet but ourselves too! So, instead of bringing a plastic bottle of water to work every day, replace it with a glass bottle instead. Both the planet and your metabolism will thank you!


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