Although the modern electronic drum kits which have made the acoustic ones completely outdated with versatile and compelling features in it, there are some myths which most drummer keeps in their mind about electronic kits. If you are about to buy an electronic drum set to enhance your skills and creativity or else to follow your passion, these are the top 5 myths that you should never consider as an obstacle between you and your dreams. Some of these myths may be focused only on a few brands and companies of drum makers, yet most of them stay in the minds of the drummer as a possibility but are never going to happen.

  • Small size: – Most people don’t go for the electronic drum kit just because they think that these are way more compatible and tiny when compared to the traditional acoustic drums. However, this is purely a myth because this is not the case with drum pads. With the advanced controllers, modules, triggers, and variable outcomes, these are way more comfortable to drummers than the conventional ones. The only huddle while shifting from the acoustic ones to the modern models could be the time taken to get handy with small sized pads and sticks. Moreover, if the size is the only problem then there are various kinds of drums, many with larger size too which can be bought from popular online sites such as electronicdrum guy.
  • Lower end performance outcomes: – This one is a tricky myth as by just seeing the size and features, most people think that electronic drum kits are just for kids with recording options, small size, etc. There are lots of experienced, renowned musicians all over the world those who use these electronic drums just because of the most compelling features and availability of lots of additional accessories to enhance the type and quality of sound.
  • Expensive: – This is the sole reason that most people never upgrade their acoustic kits to electronic drum kits is they think these are quite expensive, but there are several cheapest drums in the market like Alesis and Gammon which has quite similar options than the expensive ones. Moreover, most of these cheaper drum sets are far better than the conventional ones due to the availability of superior features such as USB port, headphone jack, recorder, modules, etc. Therefore the price of the electronic drum is quite a myth which a drummer should never take into consideration while buying an electronic drum kit.
  • Maintenance: – It is probably a mere fact that electronic kits are expensive than the acoustic ones and will require a bit more maintenance than the traditional sets, but this shouldn’t be an excuse for buying a modern electronic kit. The rubber drum pads are far more reliable than the fiber or plastic used in the traditional ones which surely last longer and the drum sticks also won’t get damaged as vibration is reduced to a minimum level while hitting the drum pads.
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