If you’re a fashionista, following trends is as natural as breathing for you. If, on the other hand, you’re not as invested or interested in the world of fashion, it can be tricky trying to navigate the vast field that is “current trends”. Fortunately, there are many people out there who have taken it upon themselves to come up with tricks that can be used to keep up with the latest trends in the world of fashion. If you’d like to add some fun and colorful prints to your wardrobe, here’s what you should know:

Check it out

Spring of 2019 showed us that checked patterns are slowly becoming more and more popular. At first, it was all about jackets and tops, but as time progressed, we could see more and more skirts and dresses with this pattern as well. The best thing about checks is that you can wear them in a mixed pattern outfit or you can go for a checked dress and draw everyone’s eye. If you like experimenting, you can also try shimmering checks that are made of glued-on rhinestones or perhaps mix checks with another pattern.

Loving polka dots

Loving polka dots

There’s something about polka dot prints that makes it go perfectly with bright red lipstick, cat-eye eyeliner and a neat ballerina bun. While this retro look might seem a bit too much for you at first, we suggest you give it a try. Perhaps you don’t have to go all-in, but a simple polka dot buttoned shirt that you can tuck in your favorite jeans will look great pretty much anywhere: in your office as well as on a casual date. You can easily find stylish shirts in an online fashion boutique and pick the style that you like best. If you like playing it safe, pick classic black with white dots, or vice versa, but if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try bolder color combinations.

Forever florals

Every spring, we see floral patterns making an appearance, but in the past years, we have only seen a small amount of flowers on clothes. This year, however, is all about outfits that are completely covered in florals because there are many different ways you can wear this vivacious print and not get bored. Soft florals are perfect for the office or a business meeting because these emphasize your femininity and pair wonderfully with tulle and lace. You can, however, also try bright florals on a dark fabric, or perhaps even opt for a black pattern on your dress or a shirt.

Animal print Trends

Animal print as far as the eye can see

In order to pull off animal print, you have to have a certain level of self-confidence. The thing about animal print is that you can either love it or hate it. Because it’s so polarizing, you can have a hard time deciding to give it a try if you’re not a fan from the start. The simplest way to add animal print to your outfit is to wear an animal print purse or a shawl with a monochromatic outfit. Fortunately, this year we’re going beyond simple leopard, zebra, and giraffe prints and you can wear clothes with birds, farm animals, and reindeer too.

Embrace your inner hippie

Even though the hippie era is long gone, the spirit of free love and carefree attitude still lingers and lives on. The warmer seasons are perfect for rocking out bold colors, as well as trippy patterns, like Prada demonstrated in their collection for spring/summer. Feel free to rock as many colors as you like, match different tones, and try dip-dyeing some of your boring old tees. You can pair brightly colored shirts with ripped jeans and rock that “festival look” along with feather accessories and jewelry made of glass beads. 

Even if you don’t exactly see yourself as a fashion person, it’s important to keep a few tricks up your sleeve so your outfits can always be on point, no matter how demanding your job is or how much housework you have to deal with on a daily basis. Keeping up with different trends might be exhausting at first, but when you know what’s “hot” for the season, you’ll have a great head start.


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