With its beautiful beaches, stunning natural landscapes and fascinating history, Israel offers its visitors a great variety of travel experiences. Rendered to comprise of the world’s popular tourist attractions, the Palestinian regions, and Israel are often thought as a pilgrimage spot to look forward to.

For travelers who are unconventional and not looking for sightseeing in the realm of the mosques and churches, there are a plethora of other activities to indulge in. Israel is a fascinating land of wonders. For instance, the Dead Sea is an incredible water body where you can’t sink.

The Negev Desert’s rugged terrain is ideal for those who want some dusty adventures. Obviously, the sacred spots over here would always attract the tourists but delve deeper and you would find a lot more. Here is the list of top rated places to visit in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

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1. The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is also known as one of the lowest points on earth. The Dead Sea is mineral rich and has a high salt content which ensures no one can sink in it. Many experts believe that in the Dead Sea, natural buoyancy takes place due to the high rate of evaporation. It has been wowing travelers for centuries. Take a float- and enjoy an unforgettable experience. You will be surprised to know that some 3.6 million tourists visited the Dead Sea in the year 2017.

2. Bethlehem

Bethlehem is the major Christian pilgrimage center and is home to the Church of Nativity. The Church of Nativity is the place where Jesus Christ is said to have been born. If you are someone who is passionate about ancient history, then Bethlehem is the place for you. The busy market vibe which is present in this place also makes it popular among tourists. On the other hand, if you are an ardent fan of adventure, then the surrounding countryside is an appropriate spot. In 2017, the Ministry of Tourism in Israel reported that tourism contributed 5.8 billion dollars to its economy.

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3. Jaffa

If you want to visit an ancient little picturesque spot, then Jaffa is the place for you. It has an illustrious history of being a magnanimous port in ancient times. It is comprised of an excellent flea market which can fully satiate the shopping needs of tourists. Jaffa comprises of elegant and vintage charm to a visitor. The muddled alleys leading down to the sea are now a paradise for café lovers and lazy sightseers. All who take a trip to Jaffa will immerse into its old-world yet magnificent charm.  An amazing fact is that Israel has the highest number of high-tech companies and start-ups in the world apart from Silicon Valley?

4. Haifa

It is a lovely northern city whose main highlight is the Baha’i Gardens. It spirals down towards the sea in a series of green terraces. If you want to explore the northern part of Israel, then Haifa is the place from where you should commence your journey. Many prominent northern destinations are near the city of Haifa. Places like the Mount Carmel, Akko and Caesarea are right on the doorstep of Haifa. It is one of the easiest going cities in the country and this is the reason that you should always include Haifa in your itinerary. The United States of America remains the largest source nation for incoming tourists. It has registered 470,200 tourist entries in 2018.

5. Timna Park

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The deserts of Israel are all about ruggedness and aridness. However, they also provide an ideal spot for travel fanatics. If you want to enjoy the ruggedness and aridness of Israel, Timna Park would be your ideal destination. Timna Park has towering cliffs coupled with mind-bogglingly shaped boulders that are set amongst multicolor sand. This area is also full of several mine shafts as well as inscriptions which can be sought out by the desert explorers.

6. Masada

Masada is popular for its fortress. It overlooks the rugged terrain belonging to the Dead Sea. This is also the place where the mighty kingdom of King Heroid once stood. If you are excited for a hike to the fort, then consider taking the Snake Path as it is an ideal way to reach the top. You would discover amazing scenic beauty all the way. You can also opt to ride the cable car and witness the views only to marvel at it.

7. Jerusalem

Jerusalem is equipped with the world’s most recognizable skylines in the form of Dome of the Rock. For all those who have their feet grounded in the monotheistic faiths, Jerusalem is a place to explore. However, apart from religion, Jerusalem also offers a lot to an average tourist. An ardent history fan can spend hours in scorching heat exploring the labyrinth alleys in Jerusalem that are muddled with history. This city has some fabulous museums to offer. Exploring them would be worthwhile as one can learn a lot about crusaders and conquerors.

8. The Sea of Galilee

The shoreline that wraps around the Sea of Galilee is full of vibrant countryside culture. It is a perfect getaway for those who are bored with the monotonous city life. One can also find various hot pools near Tiberius where you can dispose of all your fatigue. Tiberius is also popular for pursuing hiking. In other words, the Sea of Galilee is a major highlight of any trip. Don’t miss out on taking a swim at the sea and enjoy soaking the breathtaking views.

9. Akko

This place best serves the interests of those who want to explore various facets of the history of crusaders. However, apart from that specific relevance, Akko offers other enticing prospects to visit it. It comprises of a harbor that is full of fishing boats and also has a cheery bazaar that is brimming with spice and exquisite artistic products. If you want to explore history along with modern life, then Akko is best suited for you.

 10. Nazareth

Nazareth is a place which would be forever linked to the story of Jesus in the Bible. Nazareth is also known as one of those places which are the main pilgrimage destination for Christianity. The holy sites that are located in Nazareth are vital for Christians from all over the world. If you visit Nazareth, don’t miss out on the Basilica of the Annunciation. You can also explore the vibrant bazaar area which adds a bustle to this religious town.

11. The Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is located in the northern part of Israel. It is an ideal spot to tour with your family. It offers various attractions like breathtaking landscapes, wonderful natural reserves and intriguing historical attractions. Moreover, if you are an ardent fan of hiking and adventure sports, then this place is quite ideal for you. However, ensure that you visit the Golan Heights during spring as the landscapes would be breathtaking with blooming flowers and green fields. On the other hand, during the winter season, the Hermon Mountain located in the Golan Heights i9s an ideal place for skiing.

12. Eilat

After traveling around Israel and soaking in its history and culture, it’s time to relax. Eilat exactly offers you that. It is equipped with a great variety of resorts and hotels which make this place an ideal destination for travelers. Swim with dolphins and enjoy the stunning underwater world of the Red Sea. During summertime, the temperature can reach above the 40 degree Celsius mark. On the other side, during winters, the average temperature is 19 degrees. This augurs well for travelers who are coming from tropical countries.



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