Businesses are grappling with cyber-attacks – they have become significant threats in this day and age. Small and medium scale enterprises are finding it difficult to keep up, suffering losses as a result of malware infections. And at home, you think the case is any different? Sadly, your home PC is also in the same ship, and the data it contains may be compromised if you don’t take precautionary measures.

Here are seven reasons why you need a reliable antivirus for your home PC

 1. Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a modern malware that is difficult to detect, and when it hits a target, it almost becomes impossible to cure it. Files stored on your hard disc get frozen—or your home PC is completely blocked. So, if you think your home PC is immune against this threat, you need to think again; the solution is to have a reliable antivirus on your PC. Check out AVG review.

 2. Protection of Sensitive Data

We cannot underemphasize the protection of personal and financial data; an AVG review tells you more. Keeping credit cards, bank accounts, passwords, and other sensitive information out of hackers’ reach are critical to staying safe online. Spyware is one of the most advanced malware and stubborn to remove. To keep your home PC safe, you’d instead invest in a good antivirus than lose millions in dollars to hackers.

  3. Email Protection

It is common knowledge that emails are a perfect ground for viruses and Trojans to find their way in your home PC. Trojan will damage important files and let hackers gain access to vital information on your home PC. Modern viruses have their ways of disguising like harmless-looking images, links, and texts.  And with just one click, your PC is infected and sensitive information gone. A good antivirus will prevent such an attack.

4. An Improved Online Security

 If you run an e-commerce store from the comfort of your home or any other online business for that matter, accept online payments and store sensitive information online, having a reliable antivirus for your PC is a must. Premium antiviruses come with a higher level of security to have a safe environment. Improved protection for all financial transactions is sure and blocking of phishing and so on.

  5. it’s not just you

 Your home PC may be protected and your phone; you can even safeguard every IoT device in your home. That is not a guarantee that everyone else is safe or they take precautionary measures. You may hesitate before you hit that download button; the same cannot be said for your wife or kids. Antivirus is for everyone safety—not only yours.

6. it’s not just your Computer

Your front door is locked and barred, does that mean a determined hacker cannot force his way using another door? IoT is continuously on the move, and each provides a new way to gain entrance into your home network. Your PC may be safe, but can the same be said of our baby monitor? An antivirus protects not only your PC but also anything connected to it.

 7. Computer Performance

 If your home PC is infected with malware or Trojan, it can get in the way of its performance; it eats the hard disc space, denies you access to programs and prevents you from connecting to the Internet. It can be frustrating to use a sluggish system where a simple takes hours. An antivirus will avoid unwanted entry to your PC, blocking any attempt to install irritants.  The threat levels are always on the rise with each passing day, and caring less about them would be like shooting yourself in the foot. By paying to acquire an antivirus — and AVG review will convince you why you should — you’re doing yourself a lot of good and saving thousands or millions of dollars. Don’t push your luck; hackers are hovering around waiting for you to slip.


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