Many reasons make taking a personalized refresher driving course a good idea. Perhaps you haven’t driven for a while, have been involved in an accident or help with specific issues. Whatever the reason, tailored refreshers driving lessons and courses are perfect to build confidence, fill knowledge gaps and help with concerns.

Feeling more comfortable behind the wheel

Every time you take to the wheel you want to feel confident and comfortable, which is why your instructor will spend time listening to where you need help and also identify strategies which help you manage and feel better when you step into your vehicle. Personalised refresher driving lessons are ideal for getting you back on the road. They will ensure you are prepared and have the knowledge and skills required to feel safe behind the wheel.

Tailored to your needs

When you choose to take refresher lessons with a driving school such as those offered by Beverley Slater Driver Training, you can expect a personalised plan tailored to your needs. Your driving worries are unique to you, so choosing instructors who are skilled and caring for those who already understand driving mechanics but need additional support is essential. Age Co offers helpful advice on how to regain driving confidence; Personalised refresher driving lessons are undoubtedly there to give you the confidence and refreshed skills you need. 

Learn where you drive

Lessons can be on roads you frequent most regularly to ensure that you learn and receive truly beneficial guidance for your needs. Whether that is navigating motorways, particular road junctions, overtaking, reversing or parking, literally any aspect of driving that is causing you concern or you feel a little help is required. Perhaps you are finding parking or particular junctions difficult. A refresher lesson or a group of lessons will help you overcome your worries and give you strategies that build confidence, ability and safety for yourself and other road users.

Get help on the motorway

Refresher driving lessons are only available to those who have already passed their driving test and have a full UK licence, so maybe for those just past some motorway training may be suitable.. Below are some specific areas we help with, but as long as you have passed your test we can help you progress. Driving lessons are available for any age driver, and even the most confident drivers can benefit from extra skills acquired on refresher driving courses.

After a car accident

No matter how big or small an accident, you will likely be unnerved, even when you did nothing wrong. Getting back on the road as quickly and safely as possible is usually the best idea to ensure that you can carry on life as previously. Refresher driving lessons after a car accident can help you do so. They will give you confidence and, perhaps most importantly, help you identify safe driving techniques which can reduce the chance of further accidents. Your lessons will be personalised to provide the level of support and assistance you need, whether taking a whole course to re-learn and refresh or just focussing on areas where you have lost your nerve or feel you need to revisit.

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After a driving break 

Perhaps you have taken your test but were unable to begin driving straight away and feel that a few refresher lessons will remind you of the rules of the road and a chance to catch up with any changes made to driving standards and regulations. You can tailor refresher lessons to fill gaps in knowledge or have a reassuring passenger by your side as you venture on your first few trips. 

Whatever your reason, refresher driving lessons will leave you feeling more confident and ready to drive again, so they are certainly worth the time to ensure you are as prepared as you can be next time you go for a drive.


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