From London and Newcastle to Manchester and Liverpool, there are lots of impressive cities throughout the UK. If you are considering packing your bags and moving to somewhere new, you should definitely consider going to a big city. There are lots of advantages to be gained by doing so, as you will discover below.

Career opportunities

There is only one place to begin, and this is with the wealth of opportunities that are available in terms of your career, education, and even volunteering. No matter what career path you want to go down, you will find more job opportunities in the city. This is also beneficial for those who dream of starting their own company in the future. The economic growth in these big cities makes them much more profitable and advantageous for those concerned about their career. You also need to consider the networking possibilities as well. Urban life gives you the opportunity to broaden your professional contacts, and you never know where this could lead.

Social possibilities

Not only does city life give you the chance to expand your professional contact list, but you will also develop personal relationships. It is easier to meet people in big cities, and if you have moved from far away and/or you don’t know anyone in your new area, you will find plenty of other people in the same boat and lots of opportunities to meet new people with similar backgrounds or interests.


Another reason to consider moving to one of the big cities in the UK is that they are vibrant and they present numerous opportunities for people to get involved with the local community. This is aptly represented by the fact that every four years a city is awarded the status the ‘UK City of Culture.’ This was awarded to Kingston upon Hull in 2017, with Coventry set to take over in 2021. There are so many entertainment options and activities you can enjoy in these big cities. You will find parks, festivals, clubs, concert venues, theatres, museums, art galleries, restaurants, and much more.

Medical care

Another undervalued benefit of living in the city is the fact that you will have access to more medical care options. You will typically have a number of different hospitals in a big city, and you should have no trouble finding specialists or getting to and from any of the facilities.

Public transportation and walkability

The final reason why you should consider moving to a city is the great access. While parking may be costly in a city, you often do not need a car: you can easily travel via public transport, bike, or indeed, on foot. Most of the big cities in the UK have train or bus systems that run on a frequent basis and present affordable prices. All of this comes together to guarantee you one thing that rural life cannot: convenience!

As you can see, there are many benefits to be gained by moving to a big city. Not only will you have a greater sense of independence, but this presents great opportunities for career growth, and you can easily find commercial property in the area too if you start to move up the business ladder. That is without even mentioning the fun to be had in these big cities! It is not hard to see why more and more people are flocking from rural areas to busy city centres.

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