Having access to a nearby toilet is a fundamental human right. Imagine you’re at a festival enjoying yourself, then you realise almost out of nowhere, it’s time to go. So you begin searching for the nearest toilet. With no luck, you ask people around you, but no one seems to know. You grow irritated and frustrated all while wondering why there aren’t any toilets. That’s why toilet access should be a top priority for your clients. Moreover, that’s why we have listed five reasons why you should consider portable toilet hire below.

1. Event hosting

If your hosting a sporting event, festival or outside function, ensuring your participants have toilet access is incredibly important. For a popular activity, the number of participants varies, but it could include several hundred people. If, for example, you’re hosting a summer barbecue for a charity event, there will be food and drink on offer, which means your participants are going to need to use the bathroom. So, catering to the event means thinking about what facilities you will need. Essentially, you are booking toilet hire based on the type of function you are hosting and if there are nearby facilities.

2. Size matters

The number of people you intend on inviting – either based on pre-paid tickets or people expected to arrive on the day – dramatically determines the number of portaloos the function will require. As a rule of thumb, one portable toilet is required per 60 guests. So, for 300 hundred people at an event, for example, you will need five portable toilets.

3. Location

The number of toilets you need greatly depends on the location and any nearby facilities. For example, if there are facilities available already, this dramatically influences how many portable toilets you will need. However, in cases where events are held in the middle of nowhere like a music festival, then chances are there aren’t any toilets nearby. Booking portable toilets for your event reinforces a good experience, meaning visitors are more likely to return next year. Comparatively, one bad experience can significantly influence someone’s decision not to want to return in the future. For example, in Lincolnshire, there are many different festivals hosted each year, like Cheese Fest UK, the Equinox Festival and Sausage and Cider Fest. Typically, they have a great turn out, and more than likely book portable toilets to ensure all attendees are catered for.

4. Type of participants

It’s relatively unlikely children under the age of 18 will be present at a festival marketed for adults. However, if the event is a family barbecue or sporting event, then it’s likely small children will be present. Nowadays, it’s relatively easy to hire baby changing facilities alongside portable toilets, in preparation for a function. Additionally, as a host of an event, it’s your job to make sure there are disabled facilities since chances are at least 15% of the participants may be disabled. By accommodating children and disabled people, you are creating a positive experience for a wide variety of clients, who are more likely to return or post positive reviews online.

5. Create a memorable experience

The last thing you want is people giving your event a one-star review because there were not any toilet facilities nearby. Put yourself in your client’s shoes; needing the loo and running around looking for somewhere to go ruins the entire experience you were aiming to deliver. For example, person X goes and tells their friend, and so on. By word of mouth, the function gets a bad reputation for not accommodating basic human needs, all of which is entirely avoidable if you book early and carefully consider the event you’re hosting.