There are various software applications available in the market today that caters to different industries and these programs help companies make work and process less complicated and faster. Some programs are specifically designed for a specific field, so here are some of the top applications to consider based on the industry that you are in.


Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting software that is easy to use. Its user-friendly interface is an advantage because everyone will quickly learn how to use it regardless of their technical skills. It brings convenience as it automates different tasks such as invoicing, client communication, time tracking, and organizing expenses. Since it is cloud-based, it is accessible anywhere that has an Internet connection even on your mobile device.


Companies in the manufacturing, engineering, assembly, and fabricating industry may consider using UpKeep.  It received high ratings and excellent feedback from its clients, and that’s not surprising with the wide range of features that it offers. Some of them are technician and work order management, scheduling, inventory, asset tracking, preventive maintenance, and invoicing. It also has an accounting feature integrated into the system, as well as shipping, safety, and quality management.  


If you are in the sports field, a club membership system is something to consider. Coacha is membership database software that is on top of the list. It is intuitive so users will familiarize themselves with its interface in no time. It is also feature-rich making tasks such as the management of students, classes, coaches, payments and reports more convenient and quicker. When it comes to the price, this program offers reasonable pricing since it has a monthly flat rate, so you don’t have to worry about the payment increasing when your club grows. Even if you have additional members in the future, the monthly or annual payment will still be the same. It is also accessible on mobile devices.

Customer Service

Freshdesk is the leading application for those in the customer service industry or companies looking for a program for their customer support needs. It is offered at different prices depending on the size of your company and the system has a free trial, so you can test the waters first before you decide to commit and spend your money on it. Some of its features are automated ticketing, community forum, inboxes that can be accessed by every team member and knowledgebase. Another exciting and unique feature of this program is giving points to team members that resolve tickets successfully and quickly, allowing rewards and recognition to then be given by the company to show appreciation and motivate them to continue doing their best.


SAP is a complete system for those in the healthcare field. It offers patient management and billing features that make it simpler to organize and access the records of patients and to do the invoice. Payments and reimbursements will also be accurate with its use and moreover, healthcare providers can access the files that they need even on their mobile devices to make an informed decision.

If your company has specific needs that you cannot find on the available applications, you can have a system customized instead. 


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