Top Ten Flowers for your Garden

A great looking flowerbed and one that has a great smell is a great thing for your compound. The following article will provide some 10 pointers on how to make this possible.

1. Sweet pea-biological name- Lathyrus odoratus

With this purple beautiful flower, you have flowers that have tendrils which means they are climbers and require a trellis. With the ability to grow six feet tall, you need a trellis. To make this possible, you need to plant the seeds into some fertilized soil to ensure the blossom during late fall.

You need to plants called sweet peas in the soils close to the fence. In addition, they can be great when mixed with some cutting gardens for grooming purposes and to provide that great smell in your compound. you can learn more at Lamour et Fleurs.

2. Cornflower is a classic fantastic flower-biological name- Centaura cynus

Here is a flower that has a fantastic and classic combination that is known as button flowers. There is a variety that has purple, blue, pink and a variety of white shades. Once you do know that spring is around and fall is on its end, you know that you can plant cornflowers.

The main advantage is that the cornflower will prove itself by sowing itself. Use it for cottage gardens or cutting gardens for your specifications. In addition, if you have risen flowers, Dame Rockets, poppies or larkspur, you are in luck with this flower.

3. Nasturtium- Tropaeolum majus

These flowers are green and red which are good in scent and have an affinity for soil that is not fertile. After the winter frost, these flowers grow with ease and are sure to remind you of Christmas due to their color.

The flowers are sure to bud during early fall and will continue to make your compound look and smell great all through to winter. Nasturtium plants as well as flowers are also edible and give your food that spicy pepper taste.

Plant these flowers on blanket slopes, flower bed edges and containers and make your compound smell and look good all through the year.

4. Rudbeckia ‘Praire Sun’

This type of flower is normally bright yellow and large and this makes the flower self-sowing. Occasionally, the roots come back during mid-winter which means your compound remains beautiful during such weather conditions. Plant these flowers during the spring and they will last all the way to the winter. Plant them in planting beds, cutting gardens, or cottages.

5. Zinnia ‘Purple Prince’

This flower will last from late spring to early fall. Also known as the purple prince, it is a classic species that is normally with longer stems and larger blooms. Use zinnias to feed your butterflies or in your cutting gardens.

6. Marigold signet tangerine gem

It is rather easy to fall in love with this flower due to its bright orange and yellow flowers. You can plant these flowers during fall and they will last to the winter season. Like other flowers discussed, this flower has edible petals that you can use for your salads as a herbal remedy and other uses. Marigold signets are good for butterflies and can be planted in flowerbed edges and are also great for vegetable gardens.

7. Diamond Frost Euphorbia

This is an award-winning flower that blooms and produces good looking small flowers. They grow during the summer until the frost season begins. The seeds of this flower can be planted at any time of the year and they require little care.

8. Sunflower

The beauty of sunflower is that it evokes childhood memories of running through a field with much glee. They are easy to handle and normally grow large which makes them great to plant in a field for your kids to enjoy. They do thrive in summer gardens and are great for beginner flower beds. Plant them today for your kids to enjoy during the weekends.

9. Morning glory

Some steps are involved in making this species sprout and grow to its glory well. You should soak the seeds in warm water the night prior to planting them. Ensure you file the seed at the hard parts to ensure it will grow.

Once they bloom, they require little maintenance. Due to the fact that they overgrow and also self –sow, you should rake and mourn often to reduce any heavy mulch left in the garden. Plant them in a sunny area to ensure they grow well.

10. Flying colors coral diascia

The snapdragon flower is a cousin to this flower; it is also an annual option. They bloom from green vines and produce so red to pinkish petals. They are most vibrant during the cooler seasons and you can plant them at any time or season.

One thing about this species is that it cannot accommodate high temperatures that are over 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, during the summer season, ensure you keep them well hydrated.

Sometimes, they bloom during the autumn season and are best planted in either landscape beds, containers, window baskets, and hanging baskets.


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