In this busy world, a lot of us tend to immerse ourselves too much in our careers. We work long hours from morning until night. We also put in extra work after regular work hours and, sometimes, we bring our work home, preventing us from interacting with people who matter to us the most. Some get so burned out that they find themselves getting diagnosed with severe fatigue-related diseases that disable them from working anymore. Some employees, unfortunately, even forget themselves – their roots, identity and purpose in life, driving them to a black hole of sadness. In ensuring that you do not experience this struggle of forgetting oneself after burning yourself out, listed here are some self-care routines that we suggest you follow.

Meditating in the morning

Experts in sciences and spirituality have long pushed for the importance of meditation at least once a day. Meditation is the practice of pausing our day-to-day lives and partaking in feeling and reflecting on the presence of mundane objects in the world. Before adding this practice to your routine, you might want to secure a silent space in your house first as this will ensure the effectiveness of the meditation. Distractions are not allowed when doing such an activity. As a start, you can meditate every morning for three to five minutes to keep your day free from stress. This activity can also keep you focused.

Getting a warm bath after work

After a day’s work, who wouldn’t want to submerge themselves in hot water? The heat from a warm bath will help in keeping your blood circulation healthy; hence, excreting body waste quickly too. The warmth also relaxes and heals sore muscles, especially those located in your back and shoulders, which get too tired out after long hours of sitting or doing manual labour. And to enjoy the benefits of a warm bath even more, you can upgrade your bathtub to a whirlpool bath. With this bath’s water pressure, which creates a higher level of oxygen intake than regular baths, it takes away toxins from your skin that harm it.

Drinking a glass of wine every day

Don’t worry; drinking a glass of wine each day will not make you an alcoholic. Instead, this routine will boost your immune system, protecting you better from infectious diseases. The antioxidants found in wines increase healthy cholesterol in the body too. In red wines specifically, the tannins help in making the heart more protected from heart diseases. Drinking can even make you sharper at work as the chemicals that constitute alcoholic beverages help speed up neurological functions. Most importantly, studies show that wine makes people less prone to depression and mood disorder, hence making drinkers happier than most. Taking time to take care of yourself is not ultimately a bad thing. From time to time, you should stop immersing yourself in work and start allowing your body to recover from debilitating stress. Thankfully, you can easily practice self-care routines nowadays.

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