If you run a retail outlet, in-store signage is a critical aspect of the décor and is not something you can afford to overlook. Signs inform the customer and it can be confusing if the signage is not as it should be, especially regarding social distancing, which is a critical aspect during the pandemic.

Here are a few signage tips to help you create the perfect in-store ambience that makes your customers feel good.

  • Keep it simple & effective – In-store signage needs to be clearly visible and placed in the right locations. Choose a font that everyone can read, with text and background in contrasting colours for easy reading. If you want signage that really does stand out, talk to a supplier of personalised neon signs who can hand-craft stylish neon signage and install it in the best location.
  • Calls to action – The CTA is a very powerful short message that encourages the store visitor to commit to a purchase; examples include, ‘Buy Now’, ‘while stocks last’, ‘end of month sale’ and ‘special offer’. As a general rule, CTA signage should be as close to the product as possible, at around head height. You could try experimenting with the message and the placement until the right response is received and watching old CCTV footage can help you to gain an insight into the effectiveness of your CTA signage. Asking customers for some feedback about your in-store signage is another way to discover effectiveness.
  • Inject a little humour – If nothing else, humour will add some character to your brand and keeping your signage light is better than boring and mundane messages, which do nothing to inspire the store visitor. Click here for the benefits of a customer loyalty program, which most retail outlets use. Making signage personalised can help customers identify with your brand and inserting some humour is always a good idea.
  • Large sticker artwork – The level of technology regarding large stickers is amazing and there aren’t many surfaces that you can’t stick a sticker on. When affixed by an expert, there are no air bubbles or creases and a large artwork sticker can transform your store. You could, for example, design a full wall sticker on a computer and have that as your checkout area backdrop. High resolution digital imagery empowers you in so many ways and with state-of-the-art graphics software, you can create unique wall stickers that can be affixed in a prominent location. Start by looking at images you already have and if they are the right resolution, they can be incorporated into a wall sticker, otherwise you can take hi-res photos for specific uses.
  • Directional signage – This tells store visitors where the entrances and exits are located and this signage needs to use the same colours and font, which should be legible from any location within the store. Hanging from the ceiling is the most favourable way to place directional signage and after some experimentation, you should find the right placement for your directional signage.
  • Digital Signage – A digital signage light unit can inform store visitors of special offers and the text can be rolled at various speeds, with a wide range of colours. The unit is easy to program and changing the message frequently keeps customer interest high and you can create seasonal messages. Click here for government information about display and signage in a retail environment. Many retailers use digital signage boxes to show that the store is open for business, as the units are made to measure.

It makes complete sense to review your in-store signage on a regular basis and there’s nothing wrong with seeking out some professional assistance. Neon, for example, is a great way to grab people’s attention and there are a few specialist signage firms with a team of expert glaziers, who are able to design and fabricate stunning neon signage.


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