Having a pet dog is something more than a blessing since the dogs make perfect pets and they are your best friends as well. But keeping a pet is just like nurturing a baby and you have to take very good care of them. A well-groomed dog shows that the owner himself is a groomed person so you have to take care of every need of your dog.

When we talk about the grooming of the dogs, the toenail clipping and trimming is the most difficult thing to do as it takes a lot of effort to cut the dog’s nails and to get him in a mood to do so. How well can someone clip the nails of the dog depends totally upon the type of the dog, the personality of the dog and the owner’s ability to trim the nails of the dog properly.

In the following article, we are going to discuss the tips that are going to help you clip and trim dog nails. This can be done with the help of the nail grinder that is used effectively to cut the dog’s nail. A nail grinder is a tool that is an oscillating electric device that has a belt of sandpaper in it.

The nail grinder allows the person to put the toe of the dog in the grinder and further the tool cuts and trims the nail of the dog. If you too are interested in buying this grinder for your dog, you can find the best nail grinder for dogs options on the internet and order it online or search for it at the pet shop and get it from there. There is a huge variety of these nail grinders available everywhere.

How to use a nail grinder?

Here we have gathered the useful tips that are going to help you grind the nails of your dog so that he in no more a ferocious beast who can attack anyone with those long stretched claws. These tips are practical and are guaranteed to provide positive results for you. Here are the tips.

  1. The first tip is to start cutting, trimming and grinding your dog’s nails when he is still young. As a puppy, the dog is in the phase of developing habits and learning things and when you will start doing this to him in young age, things will be easier for you and the dog both. So it would become a habit for the dog and it won’t be a difficult thing for you to continue it in future. Dogs are usually afraid of getting their nails trimmed. For this you need to first learn the proper way from the veterinarian and then start for yourself.
  1. The second thing is again about habits, the dogs who do not let their owners touch their paws and claws, feel scared to give them in the hands of the owner. For this you will need to gently massage and touch the toes so that the dog gets comfortable with the touching. You can give rewards to the dog for letting you touch and for carrying on with the massage so that he becomes used to this practice.
  1. You also need to get the dog introduced to the nail grinder. For this you might need a few sessions before actually cutting the nails so that your dog is familiar with the tool and is least likely to react to push it away. Turn on the nail grinder and let the dog get used to its sound. The more familiar the dog would be to the trimmer, the happier he would be to have it.
  1. Then once you have sat up to trim and cut the nails of the dog, there is no need to rush. Take your time to calm the dog down and let him allow you to touch his toes gently. Then slightly massage the toes and work gradually with the trimmer. The slower you would go, the less scared the dog would be and the easier it would get for you to get the job done.
  1. You also need to learn the anatomy of the toes of the dog so that you know where you are going and if at some point the dog reacts suddenly, you would get to know what it means. You also need to understand the amount of clipping that is required and for this you will have to check how much of the nail hanging below the paw is. It has to be flat and in place with the paw so that it does not hang. Cutting too deep is also going to hurt the dog, so be careful with the required length to cut.


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