Top TV Shows For Binge Watching


Binge watching is the latest and greatest way to digest your favorite TV shows all in one sitting, or several days, depending on the length of the series. With the advent of streaming, most channels offer their own app to stream programming from that station.  Everybody wants a piece of the binge watcher.  There is only so much time; however, and bingeing is very time consuming.  Here are the top five shows, fit for big time bingeing:

5Six Feet Under

An early HBO series, SFU was about a family after they lost their father. The business that he left them is not as run of the mill, though. They owned and lived in a funeral home. The first season started off with the father’s death, and each subsequent episode also started with a death – that of the client of the week. That is no indication that the father’s part was limited to that first show, it was perfectly normal for the dead to appear to the attuned family members. A bit morbid, perhaps, but you feel for each of the characters and how they deal with the loss. You also learn a bit about embalming. If you like things a little creepy, a little funny, and a little touching, SFU is for you. One of the most perfectly wrapped up shows I’ve ever seen.


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