Top 5 Ways of Using App Technology to Find a Used Car

The internet has revolutionised the used cars in montclair as you can now browse automobiles for sale up and down the country from the comfort of your own home. Whilst this is fantastic and provides an enormous market, it can also be daunting and difficult to find what you are looking for. Fortunately, app technology can be used to find the perfect used car and for an affordable price with these 5 methods.

Used Car Dealership Apps

The majority of the most reputable used car dealerships, like Peter Vardy, now have their own apps where you can browse the range of vehicles that they currently have on offer. This can be an effective way of finding the car you are looking for, but you must always make sure that it is an established dealership.

Comparison Apps

There are numerous comparisons apps that enable users to quickly and easily compare cars for sale from an enormous range of dealerships. Additionally, you can filter results to narrow your search and even get alerts when prices drop and read customer reviews.

Pricing Estimation

Fair pricing is hugely important in the used car market and it can be a challenge for sellers to set the correct price. There are a handful of apps that can use data to estimate how much a used vehicle should sell for based on a variety of factors. There are also apps that can display wholesale prices too.

Vehicle History Checks

The used car market is, unfortunately, one filled with fraudulent sellers and scams. You can avoid these with apps that provide a vehicle history check – these checks will highlight any major issues and allow you to make an intelligent decision about the used car you are considering.


Reviews from industry experts are an important tool for determining whether or not the car is worth the money and if it fits your requirements. Apps can be used to collate reviews to learn more about the car that you are looking at, plus in many cases, you can also view detailed information such as MPG, CO2 emissions, tax band, insurance group, average running costs and much more helpful information.

Apps are fantastic tools when attempting to navigate the used car market as they can help you to find exactly what you are looking for and avoid bad deals. The sheer size of the used car market makes it daunting, but this impressive technology can help any motorist to shop with confidence and get a great deal on a quality car.


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