Some people are born with angelic singing voices while others, who may equally love to sing, are not as fortunate. The latter group of people often thinks they are stuck with their voice and that there is no room for any improvement. The reality is, there are always hacks and tricks available to improve your vocals and singing ability to shine the light on your inner star. Singing is a skill like any other, and to develop that skill one must work hard on themselves, do regular vocal exercises, and follow an effective singing routine. 

Here are the top 5 ways to properly improve your singing ability:

1. Breath Correctly

The first step towards singing better is learning how to breathe correctly. The way the air flows in and out of the lungs can help singers explore a wider range in their voices. The experts at explain how breathing accounts for about 80% of how well a person can sing. Even the most experienced and gifted singers undergo breathing exercises to get better tones with their vocals. The important thing is to breathe with the diaphragm and ensure that your abdomen is moving in and out swiftly with the flow of air. Practicing makes perfect with this tip so you shouldn’t feel frustrated if you can’t control your breathing perfectly on the first couple of tries.  

2. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

The amount of water one drinks can have a huge impact on how well they can sing. It might seem too easy or not that important, but the fact is, keeping your vocals hydrated can help you sing with more ease. Drinking a reasonable amount of water can help singers clear their throat and maintain their vocal cords. It is not ideal to drink water that is too cold or too hot. Instead, try flat room temperature water, which you can add fruits or flavorings to, as you prefer. Certain warm drinks, including honey and lemon and some types of herbal drinks, can also go a long way in clearing the throat and improving the vocal range.

3. Do Regular Warm-Ups

Vocal cords are just like any other muscle in the body, to get them more fit for singing, one must do regular exercises and warm-ups to keep them healthy. The most popular form of exercising for vocal cords is humming. When you hum in a relatively low note, it can ease any tension in the cords to give your voice a more relaxed range. Lip trills can also ensure you have no slips or stutters while singing. By making sure you do warm-ups before singing, you will be able to quickly see improvement in your singing and keeping away from straining your voice, especially if you’ll be attempting higher notes.

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4. Remember to Enunciate

Good singing consists of smooth musical tones coming from the person’s vocals in addition to how well they enunciate their lyrics. A person could have an excellent singing voice, but the way they sing the words could be bringing the overall performances down. To improve your singing you should try and work on how you convey the song’s lyrics over and over until you can enunciate all the words clearly. The trick to improving your enunciation is usually the regular practice of any song. You can start by reading the lyrics a few times out loud then sing it a few times in lower tones until you gradually reach your goal tone.

5. Improve Posture

Although it might not seem like it for some singers, the way their body is positioned can make a huge difference in the quality of their singing. Standing up with a straight posture is the best way to get an enhanced singing experience. When it comes to getting higher notes, in particular, standing up straight can help singers breathe better and straighten their vocal cords to improve the singing quality. On the other hand, if you are sitting down or slouching, you would be less likely to take in enough airflow and might end up stumbling on some words while singing.

Singing comes naturally to some people who were gifted with golden vocals. Others need to put in a bit of work to improve their singing abilities. It is important to remember that singing is a skill like any other and it can be learned and perfected with regular practice and some determination. You should think of your vocal cords as any other muscle in your body that needs regular exercise, as well as some rest so that it can give you the best quality tones without being overworked or strained. Practice makes perfect when it comes to singing so keep your spirits high when attempting to improve your abilities.


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