When participating in a trade show, there are a lot of things to prepare for such as setting up your booth, choosing a good banner design, and selecting the right giveaway items. Each aspect of your trade show booth requires just as much attention as the next. Even the smallest details should have your full attention and effort when creating your set up.

Once you’ve got the ideal set up in place, you’ll need to begin thinking about what type of trade show giveaways you want to use to draw in the customers and keep them coming back to you for more. A good banner design might bring a customer to you, but a good giveaway will have them remembering your business for years to come.

To know which promotional items work as the best trade show giveaways, continue reading below. Here’s our list of the best promotional items to give away at your next trade show event!

1. Reusable Metal Straw

As the green generation grows, more and more people are beginning to work towards a healthier planet. By showing that your business is pro-green, you’ll grab the attention of many people at the event. One way to let potential customers know that you believe in a healthier planet is to use reusable metal straws as a giveaway item.

Reusable metal straws come with covers that they’re placed in when not being used in a drink. Even if your target audience isn’t big on the idea of saving the planet, they’ll appreciate having a straw to use when dining in at restaurants or cafes that no longer use straws.

If possible, see if you can print your business’ name on the metal cover that the straws are kept in.

2. Pop Socket

Pop sockets are another big-time item flying off the shelves. Just about everyone has a smartphone kept on them at all times. And anyone with a smartphone could tell you that it’s sometimes difficult to hold your phone while taking a selfie, texting, or watching videos.

Pop sockets make keeping a hold on your phone much easier. To use these items as a trade show giveaway, be sure to create customized pop sockets with your business’ name, label, or logo printed on it. Choose something fun with vibrant colors or relaxing colors that customers will enjoy using.

3. Lapel Pins

Metal lapel pins are a fun way to advertise your business or what your business stands for. You might even be surprised at just how customizable they are. Flat surfaced lapel pins, although maybe what you’re looking for, isn’t the only option you have.

You can customize pins to come in all different shapes including a 3D rose and so much more. They’re a great way to show off what your business stands for. Customers will love pinning theirs on their shirts and showing off your business in style.

4. Webcam Cover

As technology begins to grow, so does the chance of hackers hacking into our lives. If you’ve ever thought about hackers being able to access your cameras on your computers, laptops, phones and anything else, then your customers most likely have those same thoughts. Although some might tend to believe that this thought is exaggerated and not something that happens, it does happen.

To give your customers some peace of mind, consider gifting them with a webcam cover as a promotional item. They can then go home and place their cover over their computer’s webcam. The cover comes with a feature that allows you to slide a plastic tab over the camera when not using it.

The cover then slides back to reveal the camera when needing to use it.

5. Reusable Steel Bottle

Reusable bottles not only save money, but they save the planet as well. As mentioned before, more people are leaning towards reusable products and straying away from plastic and one-time use items. Use reusable steel bottles as a promotional item at your trade show event and customers will be standing in lines waiting to receive theirs.

These bottles are perfect for active people and people who are constantly on the go. It keeps liquid inside the bottle without need to worry about spills.

6. Tote Bags

Promotional items that customers can actually find use in are the best kinds of trade show giveaways. Tote bags are an excellent choice for this very reason. Customers can use the bags while at the event to hold all other promotional items.

After leaving the event, customers can then use these bags for grocery shopping, days at the beach, and other needs. There are plenty of uses for tote bags as they’re reusable and durable.

7. USB Chargers

Although the trade show attendees aren’t currently inside their offices working, they are always on the clock via smart devices. Answering emails, phone calls, text messages, and other activities can cause a business cell phone to lose its battery life quickly.

To help customers out and prevent this from happening, offer your customers USB chargers as a promotional giveaway item. Customers will appreciate having a way to charge their devices while at the event and in situations outside of the event as well.

Consider Using These Trade Show Giveaways!

Are you planning on participating in an up-and-coming trade show event? If so, then you’ll want to use these trade show giveaways to show appreciation to your customers!

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